Welcome back my lovelies, well we had a week of car troubles leading to a breakdown. On our way to Lowestoft Friday the driveshaft fell out of the gearbox leaving us stranded in Boston. I’ll go into more detail in a bit but it was defiantly wasn’t what we needed or planned on happening. Anyway, here is how our week has been.

On Monday as usual I was working late however, with Daddy bear being away I had to pick Baby bear up from school and go back to work to do planning and paperwork. I must admit he did really well and sat playing with his Switch while I did what I needed to. We then headed home for some dinner and bed ready for another day.

Tuesday me and Baby bear had to leave work and school at lunchtime as Baby bear had a hospital appointment. I won’t go into any detail but if you want to know how it went head over to this post to read all about it. Daddy bear also surprised us and came home early which was amazing and we were very happy to have him home. He made me aware we were having car troubles again and the car was making a knocking noise again so he had ordered the parts

Wednesday, I got called into work early so I had a full day at work. After work and school it is swimming night so we headed off. Baby bear is still struggling to float but he is going so well and loves being in the water. It was also date night and my turn to cook however, I did the starters and Daddy bear cooked the mains as I was so tired. We sat down enjoyed our lovely steak dinner and a glass of red wine before we fell asleep on the sofa watching After Life (I would recommend watching it).

Thursday we had the day off work for an appointment so before that Daddy bear and I went for a breakfast date. We then had our appointment. Once we were done, Daddy bear went to do a few things in the garage while I did some housework and had a shower. While I was in the shower Daddy bear went and got Baby bear from school. Thursday is game night so while daddy bear was out with his friends I packed everything ready for our weekend away unaware of our break down that was coming.

Friday I went to work as usual, I then picked Baby bear up and headed home to pack the car and head off. While I was at work Daddy bear had a go at changing the drive shaft as that was what we thought was causing the knock and car troubles. He had a few issues but after talking to W he thought it was done. When we turned left it would bang. So on our way Daddy bear took it slow and sensible and to be honest it wasn’t happening all the time so I thought it would be fine and make it to Lowestoft and back. However the car had other plans and we broke down in the middle of boston at rush hour. So Daddy bear pushed it onto a side road and I made calls to try and get picked up (A huge thank you to V for coming to our rescue) and then to my parents to see if they could come up as Mums car could tow Daddy bears, and we needed assistance from W to fix the issue. Baby bear was also meant to be seeing them this weekend so was very upset he could now not go to their house. After a long 2 hours V returned us home and we made a plan to recover the car on Saturday.

Saturday, C come to the rescue and lent us his tow bar so mum and Daddy bear so they went to do that while I did some jobs around the house. When they were back Daddy bear and W then went outside and worked on the car where we found that it wasn’t anyones fault they had sent Daddy bear the wrong part even thought he had to give them all the detials about the car before they sent the part out. They were out there all day trying to sort it out and even though there is still a knock we now think we know what is causing the car troubles so Daddy bear and W are goign to takle it next weekend. Needless to say we are very lucky to have W. After dinner we were invited to a friends 50th birthday but Daddy bear was tired and hurting from doing the car all day and it started at Baby bears bedtime so Me and mum decided to go for a few drinks which was a very good night.

Sunday, today, we havent done much really, we have watched some films as a family before Daddy bear went into the office to do some bits and I played with Baby bear, done some housework and sorted dinner. It was defiantly a much needed rest day before another busy week before my surgery.

I hope you all have a better week than us and didnt have any car troubles. Here is to another good week x