Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. I hope you have all had a good week and a lovely weekend. We decided to focus on some family time this week. It was defiantly needed after being stuck into house renovations and prepping the garden/building his climbing frame the last couple of weeks.

I enjoyed another very strange day at home Monday getting some housework done and well enjoying the quiet, to be honest before seeing some of my favourite little people at work for the rest of the week. Well, that was the plan until I woke up early hours Thursday with really bad back spasms and pain. This meant I had 2 days on bed rest and talking to my team trying to figure out what was going on. Luckily by Saturday, I was able to move around with little pain but a nice bruise down my back.

As rubbish as this was, during my time on bed rest it I come across an Easter Holiday reading challenge which of course I signed Baby bear up to. If you know Baby bear you will know how much he loves his books and reading so it seems very fitting. Here is the link to the page if you wanted to sign your little people up. It is a 200-minute reading challenge which works out 15 minutes a day which is nothing. The best part is all the money your little person is sponsored they get to keep to spend on books over at The Birches Book Corner – Independent Usborne Organiser. Marie will even add 10% on top of whatever you raise. We are very excited and received our pack Friday which includes a sponsor form, an information sheet letting you know about the reading challenge, a bingo sheet (which if completed you receive another gift), a reading challenge tracker, and a few activities including a recipe (can be used for the Bingo) and a bookmark.

This weekend we decided to make this weekend family time, so yesterday we spent the day playing lego, dress up and the boys played outside for a while. We also took a trip over to the park for a picnic and play which Baby bear loved. We then decided to take a walk down the seafront this morning before heading over to Greggs for lunch (their tomato soup is amazing) and heading into a few shops for a couple of things we needed. Once we were home we played with some more lego before dinner.

So here’s to a nice and quiet week ahead of us before the children break up for Easter holidays, see you all Wednesday x