Welcome back my lovelies, I hope 2022 is treating you all well so far, it’s been pretty good for us. A little busy but when isn’t our life busy. I waited until today to start my upload schedule for 2022 so I had time to settle into the new year and the new routines we have put into place at home. I am planning on sharing all that with you all very soon but I’m not here for that it is my first weekly check-in for 2022, I hope your still all enjoying this little insight into our lives. I’ll start from New Years Day which was Saturday so here’s how 2022 has gone so far…

Saturday morning, we got up and went to get K’s boyfriend A so he could spend the day with us and for us to meet him (finally only been a year…). Once we were back at mums we exchanged Christmas presents with A and had a chat before Me and daddy bear headed out to the local shopping centre to look at wedding bands for Daddy bear and to mainly get his finger measured. After looking in a few shops daddy bear had narrowed it down to what type of ring he wanted and we finally knew his size. In true Daddy bear fashion, he wanted to have a look online so we stopped and grabbed some lunch before heading back to my parents to spend the rest of the day with everyone and get all of our things together ready to head home Sunday. We spent the night playing Baby Bear’s new Switch he got for Christmas and some board games together before we had to leave.

Sunday was an early start for me, we had said we wanted to head off quite early but wanted to stop into my In-laws before heading home so leaving the boys in bed sleeping I got up and packed the car ready to head off when the boys woke up which I ended up waking them. We then headed to Daddy Bear’s parent’s house to spend some time with them again before heading home. My mother-in-law cooks the best lamb roast and offered us to stay for dinner so, of course, we said yes. While we were there Daddy bear helped his dad do a few bits around the house that needed doing before we sat down for a delicious roast dinner. We then collected all the bits we had left there and said our goodbyes ready to make our way home for the first time since before Christmas. I love seeing family but nothing beats coming home and sleeping in my own bed. We got home pretty early so it gave me a chance to start the unpacking and put a load of washing on, I thought it was going to take me much longer to unpack than it actually did. We were very lucky for Christmas and got some lovely gifts that slotted into our home really well.

Monday, I spent the day finishing up unpacking and organizing everything while Daddy bear pottered about doing some jobs that needed doing while he was off. Baby bear spent pretty much the whole day playing on his switch which normally that much screen time is a huge no, but it was the first time he was able to play it on his own so why not. I also got to enjoy my first bath of the year in my bath (I’ll be sad to leave my bath went we sell this house, I love this bath).

Tuesday, Daddy bear was back to work so I spent the day playing games, exploring Baby Bear’s new presents, and the switch together. I wrote our meal plan for the week including our new healthier eating and planned lunches before we went shopping when daddy bear was home. We then enjoyed the rest of the night together as a family before I returned back to work Wednesday.

I was back at work Wednesday, which was so good to be back with the children and the ladies I work with. It was defiantly a shock to the system though having to be up, ready for the day, and at work before 8.30 am but I did it somehow. Baby bear had the day off school for a teacher training day but he did return to swimming which he was very excited about. I was shocked how well he got back into it considering he had 3 weeks off with very little practice other than in the bath (which floods the bathroom every time). We also started Date night up again, I have missed it if I’m being honest. It’s nice just to have us time with no distractions.

Thursday Baby bear was back to school Thursday, I was glad I had a practice run on Wednesday thought saying that we were 20 minutes early to school so stopped into work for Baby bear to see all the ladies. He seems to enjoy going back to the nursery and seeing all the ladies who use to look after him. Daddy bear was also back at his games night Thursday and after a busy couple of days at work I needed to early night so once he had gone out and Baby bear was in bed off to bed I went.

Friday I had an appointment so I had the day off work so after taking Baby bear to school I attended my appointment before getting some housework done around the house before having to pick Baby bear up from school. Daddy bear came with me to pick him up with the push bikes which meant I was left walking home alone carrying all the Baby bears school bags. We then spent the evening relaxing together before another early night.

Saturday, not much really happened other than I went and got my Booster jab. I had been going back and forth with whether I wanted to get it and after talking to my medical team, daddy bear, and doing some research I decided to just go for it. I already had my first 2 jabs so what was another one. I must say though I’m slightly regretting it my arm has never been so sore.

Today was housework, food prep, and baking kind of day. We got up, went shopping, and collected Baby bear his new uniform this morning. As we are trying to make healthier decisions I decided to stand a prep a bunch of bell peppers so they are ready for me to cook with, I also organized the lunch bits in the fridge to make lunch prep easier for me as well. I then made 2 banana bread loaves for the boys to snack on during the week as a healthier alternative to crisps, sweets, and chocolate. Before cooking dinner I pottered around the house doing a few bits in between playing with Baby bear. We also cut Baby Bear’s hair which has now left me very ready for bed.

So I hope your 2022 has been good so far and I will see you during the week. Inbetween then please head over to my Instagram and give me a follow as I’m doing #yearofphotos over there.