Hello my lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in where I give you a run down of how our week has been and just check in with all my wonderful readers.

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions but we made it to Sunday so that’s a positive. As you will know if you saw my post Wednesday we had our HyCoSy scan this week where we got the news that there is a problem with my tube and this may not be the end of our secondary infertility journey. As I said at the end of that post, I had phoned our fertility clinic to see what they thought but they hadn’t received our results back yet and they would let us know if they needed to. We thought it we were going to have to wait until next week to hear back but we got a letter through the post yesterday letting us know we have an appointment next month. So here’s to taking our minds off it (as best as we can anyway) until then.

You will also know that I found the procedure really painful as they had some complications. They said normally the pain/discomfort goes within 24 hours but I was still in pain nearly 48 hours later which meant I had a very painful day at work Thursday. Luckily, by Friday evening the pain had gone but that recovery was brutal. I’m so glad it is over, well for now anyway…

Apart from that nothing else major has happen this week other than deciding Thursday night we was going to give Baby bears a bedroom makeover. His room was the first one we did when we brought the house 4 years ago. I wanted to make sure his room was done and set up for when we moved in which it was. However, since then we have done nothing to his room other than move furniture around (I love a good change up and move around every couple of months). In all honesty we have been talking about decorating his room and making it more into a ‘big boys’ room for over a year now but kept putting it off because if we have another baby he would move into what is currently our spare room so his room could be the babies nursery. Well, after Baby bear asking for a new bed a couple of times and starting to tell us how he wanted a new room, we decided why not. We have put it off for so long and who knows if it will happen so lets give Baby bear the room he wants.

So after having a chat with all of us we decided on a Dinosaur themed room, with a raised bed that he can play/relax under or have as a space for a friend to sleep in. So Friday we emptied his room, took everything off the walls and started to fill in screw holes, dings and general wear and tear marks. We then spent the day yesterday sanding, painting and starting to build his bed. We decided to adapt the bed he already has as it was a lovely bed and what we basically wanted. We could also design it exactly how we wanted it.

Today we have spent the day putting his new blind up, finishing building his bed (its not finished as we run out of wood – typical), and installing his new window seal. We still need to make his curtain for the cozy, buy/make wall stickers and little finishing touches but we love it and more importantly Baby bear is so happy and obsessed with his new room. He is sleeping on his mattress on the floor tonight so we can finish his ladders and safety rail tomorrow for him.

weekly check in

So that’s what’s been going on in our household this week. What have you been up to? Have you got anything planned for next week?

Thank you for reading this weekly check-in, hope you enjoyed this weeks insight. I will see you all again Wednesday and then again next Sunday for my weekly check in. Hope you all have a good week.