Welcome back lovelies, so I got to have a girl’s night this weekend while daddy bear has been away on a stag do. We also had quite an eventful week so let’s just jump in.

Monday, I spent the day catching up on housework that I didn’t get done over the weekend as we were super busy. We also spent the day doing as much as we could to the car to get it ready for the new parts to come in. While doing this Daddy bear found another issue that made my plans for Tuesday.

Tuesday, after dropping Baby bear off at school I had to do the job of ringing out a few places to get hold of the new car parts we needed. After a successful couple of phone calls, I got my and Sweet bear ready to head out to pick them up thanks to V. While we were out it would have been rude not to go out for a girl’s lunch so we headed to a local pub and enjoyed a meal before heading home to pick up our little people. Baby bear had spent the day at rehearsals with the school choir for the music festival the following 2 days. We headed to the park after school for a run around before heading home to take him to scouts and do our evening routine.

Wednesday, I took Sweet bear to a playgroup which she seems to be really enjoying and it’s nice to be out of the house and socializing, to be honest. It’s easy to get into a bit of a rut and not leave the house other than for the food shop and the school run so I’ve been trying to make more effort to get out of the house. People don’t lie when they say the jump from 1 child to 2 is hard. After school, we had an early dinner before Daddy bear and Baby Bear headed out to Baby bears music festival. This meant once sweet bear was in bed I completely reset the house ready for our visitors to come over.

Thursday, M, and R came over to see us, to have dinner with us, and go to see Baby bear at his music festival with me. It was lovely to see them again and I know the children love spending time with them both too. Daddy bear finally got the car fixed and back on the road just in time for me to take him myself. While I was out with R and M at Baby bears festival Daddy bear cleaned himself up and packed everything he needed ready to head down for our friend’s stag weekend. Once we were home I helped Daddy bear to pack up the car before saying our goodbyes, waving daddy bear off before heading up to bed for an early night.

Friday, I dropped Baby bear off at school before heading home to potter around the house before heading out for a lunch date with K, E, and C. We then stopped past Tesco to grab some bits I needed for our girl’s night before we headed to pick up our big ones. It was very strange coming home to an empty house and I defiantly not a fan of it. We enjoyed a movie night before I put the children to bed, and tidied up a little before heading to bed for an early night as I know I struggle to sleep when Daddy bear isn’t here.

Saturday, we had a slow start to the day before I set the children up with some lunch before giving the house a quick blitz before M arrived. Once she was here we spent the afternoon chilling before I sorted the children out dinner and bathed them. Once Sweet Bear was in bed I got to preparing the charcuterie board for our girl’s night. Sadly 2 friends had to cancel last minute but M, K, and I enjoyed some food, drinks, and a good old chit-chat before calling it a night. I’m glad we didn’t have a late one as Sweet bear had a bit of a rough night so I was up with her.

Sunday, the children gave me a bit of a lay-in which was nice before starting our day. Once we were up we sorted breakfast before starting our day. I’m defiantly over Daddy bear not being here and to top it off I started to period so I’m feeling super crappy but he is home so soon and we can’t wait. Once the children were in bed I got to sit down and write this before making sure everything is ready for the last week of term.