Welcome back lovelies, not much has happened this week as I have a chest infection. I finally got some antibiotics for it on Friday but here’s how the start of the week went.

Monday, after waking up not feeling great Sunday Sweet bear decided to have a rough night leading to her not waking till nearly 9 am. B Daddy bear had also gone out early before work to pick up some bits to sort the car meaning I had no one to watch Sweet bear so V was lovely enough to walk Baby bear to school so I didn’t have to wake her after a rough night. As I had no car and didn’t feel great we spent the day at home and M brought baby bear home for me which I hugely appreciate. It really does take a village to raise children.

Tuesday, I felt even worse so M took Baby bear to school for me again and I spent the day at home resting and trying every cough, cold, and flu medicine and remedies on the market with nothing helping. Daddy bear run to get Baby bear from school while Sweet bear and I took a nap. He then took him to scouts for me before picking us up a kebab on the way home for dinner. It was pancake night so once Baby bear was home from scouts the boys made us some pancakes before I headed to bed leaving Daddy bear in charge of putting the children to bed.

Wednesday, I had to take the car to the garage at 8 am so V dropped L off to Daddy bear before following me to the garage so we were able to get home. We of course went to breakfast before having a wander around the shop before coming home. I pottered around the house before heading back out to drop Sweet bear to V so I was able to go to my hair appointment. Once I had finished I headed to pick Baby bear up from school and run the garage for a check-up on the car. They, unfortunately, got sent the wrong part so they were unable to sort it and asked to keep the car for the night in hopes the new part arrived Thursday morning. We had a lazy evening and another early night for me, as I was still feeling rough, (slightly better but still rough).

Thursday, after being up all night coughing leading to me throwing up multiple times M took Baby bear to school for me while I got to stay warm and ring the doctors. I was very impressed within half an hour I had a phone call back and the doctor had prescribed antibiotics. Not long after getting off the phone with the doctor the garage rang and explained the part hadn’t come in and they were unable to get the part until Monday I was able to collect the car until then if I wanted. So V took me and Sweet bear to pick the car up before I stopped past the shops on the way home to grab a few more essentials in case we got hit by the storm. By the time I got home I was feeling very unwell but needing to collect my prescription I headed back out to collect that and Baby bear from school. He didn’t have swimming so we had another slow evening before Daddy bear headed out for his game night and me to bed. We had decided to cancel our plans for the weekend as myself and Sweet bear were still unwell and didn’t want to pass it on.

Friday, Daddy bear took Baby bear to school as it was pop in and I wasn’t well enough to be there. Sweet bear also slept in again so it meant I could get a little more rest before she got up. I had a meeting with M so after breakfast Sweet bear and I got ready for that. It went well and was over quickly which meant I was able to rest. Sweet bear and I laid on the sofa cuddling and soon fell asleep while Daddy bear made us some lunch. Before I knew it, it was time to pick Baby bear up from school and when I did we got the good news that Baby bear had got Star of the Week. As soon as we got home it was time to drop Mia off at the kennel we had booked before we canceled our weekend away. So to celebrate he got to pick what we had for dinner and how to spend the evening. He chose Mcdonald’s and played on the switch. I wasn’t feeling great so in between dinner and playing on the switch I went and laid in bed. We couldn’t be more proud of Baby bear and how well he is doing at school.

Saturday, Daddy bear was working in the morning so the children and I had a slow morning not doing much other than a few loads of washing. Once Daddy bear had finished work I headed back to bed for a laydown while he played with the children and took them out to the local sweet shop. He then made dinner while I sat on the sofa with sweet bear and run Nan to wish her happy birthday. Once we had finished dinner I headed out to the office to get the end some products done and ready to photo and post tomorrow. After a while, I headed to bed to get some rest.

Sunday, the antibiotics have finally started to kick in so I woke up feeling better however Daddy bear didn’t wake up feeling well. So after feeding the children breakfast I bathed them both before heading out into town to do some shopping and play at the park while Daddy bear rested. Once we were home I sorted everyone a late lunch before we decided to head out to another park for a while with friends K, H, and E before picking Mia up from the kennel. Daddy bear sorted out dinner while I put all the washing away I had done on Saturday before bathing Sweet bear and putting her to bed. After dinner, the boys and I played a board game before heading out to the office to write this blog before painting my nails.