Welcome back lovelies, sorry I have been MIA this past week I was struggling to keep on top of things while Daddy Bear was away. Daddy Bear finally came home last Friday and we also had some guests which I want to share so I will start this weekly check-in a few days earlier on Friday. I even finally took Growingclan to the local car boot to sell some of my products but to also

Friday, after dropping Baby Bear off at school Sweet Bear and I headed out for breakfast with friends. We then headed into town to grab some bits before heading home to make sure the house was ready for our guests to arrive as well as Daddy Bear returning home. Before I knew it it was time to pick Baby Bear up from school, we headed into the park for a run around with friends for the last day of term. The children enjoyed playing while we mums sat and had a chat. I fed the children before bathing them both and putting Sweet Bear to bed. Myself and Baby Bear sat talking in the office while I did some final preparation for Market on Sunday. It wasn’t long before Daddy Bear returned home then soon after our guests arrived. My parents came to see us for the weekend.

Saturday, we got up to a beautiful day so decided to change our plans and head to the beach for the day. I packed up a picnic while Daddy Bear looked over the car for a rattle I heard earlier in the week while driving. We then went and enjoyed a day playing at the beach and making memories. On our way home we decided to have our first bbq of the year so stopped off at the shops to get some bits for it. We enjoyed spending the day with them and have defiantly missed them.

Sunday, I had booked myself a table at the local Carboot to take Growingclan out into the public. It’s the first time I have moved away from being online and was super nervous about it. My dad came with me and it went really well. Daddy Bear brought the children and my mum down to see me for a while. I got a few customer orders as well as selling a few of my ready-made products.  Once I had finished we packed up and headed home to get ready before heading out to the local pub for a Sunday carvery. Myself and mum took a trip to the cinema later in the evening with some of my friends to watch the new Little Mermaid. It is my favorite Disney movie and I must admit I loved it, it was a great movie that I can’t wait to see again.

Monday, before my parents headed off we decided to take a walk to see if we could find some ducks. We were unsuccessful but it was a nice walk either way. Once we were home my parents loaded up and headed off before I headed into town to grab my numbing cream for my tattoo the next day. When I got home we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing as a family before it was bath and bedtime for the children. Sweet Bear started to struggle with her teeth so I had an early night in case she had a rough night which we did.

Tuesday, Daddy Bear got up with the children and let me get some sleep before I headed out to go and get a Pedicure, lunch then my tattoo appointment to finish my Sterum piece. I am very happy to have my tattoo finished and it looks amazing I cannot recommend WGTattoos in Skegness. Once I got home I wrote the meal plan and shopping list with Daddy Bear before heading into town to do the weekly shopping.

Wednesday, we had organized to spend the day with friends. We took the children to Millers Wood Play Village (I have a post going up all about it this week). After our session there we loaded the children back into the cars and headed to The Beonna for some lunch and to do some activities. Before heading home we then stopped past the park, once we were home Daddy Bear was on a work call so I put Sweet Bear down for a nap while Baby Bear played on his switch, and I put my feet up for a moment. By today I was running on little sleep but we were getting through it.

Thursday, we headed over to see R and M for the day. Daddy Bear was working so I took the children alone. It was a lovely day spending time with them even though Sweet Bear was having a rough time with her teeth. We love seeing them and making memories. On our way in I picked up some fish and chips for us all before Daddy Bear headed out for his game night with friends. After I put the children to bed I headed into the office to complete the custom orders I got from Sunday as well as making some extra pieces to take with me to the Car boot this week. Once Daddy Bear was home we headed up to bed.

Friday, Daddy Bear had the day off of work so I got another lay-in before we decided to go on a family bike ride Via dropping off a custom order. The customer loved their personalized Dog Lead Holder which was amazing. We were out on the bikes for a good hour and when we got home we had a very sad Sweet Bear so while the boys sorted lunch I laid on our bed with her to put her to sleep. She didn’t wake up in a better mood so the rest of the day was taken up with dealing with her. After dinner I bathed the children and after the bath is when I noticed Sweet Bears ear so off to urgent care we went to get her checked over. She has a viral infection in her throat which went to her ear giving her an ear infection. I picked up her antibiotics and more Calpol and Nurpfen before heading home.

Saturday, we decided to invite some friends round for a playdate for a few hours. After they headed home I did some housework and started doing some garden work before V, C, and L come over for drinks and dinner. We had a lovely night catching up and seeing them. Sweet Bear had a rough day and I knew I was in for a rough night so I once they had gone home we headed up to bed.

Sunday, I was the only one awake when I left for the car boot. Baby Bear was up in the night with a belly ache and Sweet Bear was still waking up multiple times in the night from her ear. It was another good week with more sales and custom orders. I am really proud of how well it is going and I am getting my brand name out there. It was then home to take over parenting so Daddy Bear could do some work before we enjoy dinner before its bath and bed ready for returning to school tomorrow.