Welcome back lovelies, it’s been a roller coaster of a week but I’m excited to say I’m one step closer to being able to launch the shop. YAY, I finally feel like all my hard work is paying off and I’m so close to moving the blog onto the next step of my plan for the future. Once I’ve ironed out all the fine details I will share all the launch date with you all.

Monday, after the school run I came home to write my weekly to-do list before getting some bits done here on the blog and then cracking down on the housework. I am finding now I am at home full-time and doing bits daily it isn’t taking me long to reset the house from the day before/morning. I am not one to tidy up after dinner that night I leave it and do it the day after, surely I’m not the only one. Monday is also food delivery day so that takes me a good couple of hours sorting and cleaning the fridge and panty before the shop comes then putting it all away while organizing it and prepping anything that needs doing for the week.

Tuesday, I went for a cheeky Maccie D’s breakfast date with V before coming home and resetting the house and preparing dinner before we had some guests. I was trying something new and making sure everything was done for dinner before they arrived so all I had to do was put it in the oven when they were here and I got to spend more time with them. After a lovely afternoon and evening with them, we said our goodbyes before putting Baby bear to bed and I headed for some self-care time in the bath.

Wednesday, I woke up feeling very run down and just not well so decided I was taking the day off everything and spent the day in front of the TV. After I picked up Baby bear we headed home to do some homework before Daddy bear finished work and we had dinner. Once we had eaten Daddy bear suggested we all went on a family walk as we hadn’t been out of the house today so we bundled up and off we went. We had a lovely peaceful walk, by the time we got home I was in a far amount of pain but not surprised or change there. Nothing laying in bed with a heating pad didn’t help. After Daddy bear put Baby bear to bed we cuddled down to watch a film before bed. We received some news that we didn’t want to hear today which threw a bit of a downer on the day but it is what it is and there’s nothing we can do about it. Sometimes it’s just rubbish being reminded there are some things you actually have no say in.

Thursday, I uploaded a new post before doing some more admin on the blog before catching up on the housework I hadn’t done the last couple of days. As usual, the day flew by and before I knew it, it was time to pick Baby bear up and get ready for Swimming. He is back to doing amazing with each lesson and shocked us all this week with a new swim technique. After dinner Daddy bear headed out for his game night so I put Baby bear to bed before settling down to do some coloring (Yes I love to color it’s so relaxing) with my favorite Disney Movie – The Little Mermaid.

Friday, after a rollercoaster of a week, we decided once Daddy bear had finished work we would head to get Baby bear a new winter coat as he has had a sudden growth spurt, and the one he had no longer fit. We then treated ourselves to a Dominos takeaway to enjoy in front of a movie on the sofa.

Saturday, after a slow morning, Daddy bear started on concreting a section of the drive while I pottered around the house before heading out to help him. Baby bear and I also made some cakes for our day out with some special people today in the morning. In the afternoon Baby bear started to feel a little unwell so with some Calpol and mummy cuddles he watched a few movies before trying some dinner and heading off to bed. Daddy bear headed off for a bath so I tidied up from dinner (a rare thing to happen) before putting our new mattress topper on the bed and climbing in bed for some quiet time.

Sunday, after an early start we got to spend the day with some special people making memories. Thanks to K and H for helping to walk Mia while we were out we truly appreciate it. It was a late one home and a busy day which meant Baby bear fell asleep in bed and this is late going up sorry. But here is to another productive week ahead.