Welcome back lovelies, well what a week we have had! It’s been none stop all week and defiantly the busiest we have had in a while. Let’s just jump into how this week has been.

Monday, we started off with a morning of attitude which is a great way to kick off a Monday morning. Once we dropped Baby bear off at school I headed home to try and catch up on some housework and some bits on over here on the blog. It was quite a productive day we even got the wood delivery for the carport delivered a day early so we can now crack on with that. Baby bear started back at one of his after-school clubs so it was a later pick-up than usual which meant I had a little more time to get some bits done I needed to do. It did mean we are back to our hectic Monday evenings, I feel like I’m constantly rushing around once I’ve picked Baby bear up to make sure dinner, bath, and bed are all completed within normal times. Once Sweet bear was in bed I left the boys playing on the switch and headed to clean up after dinner before heading to the office for an evening of Shop preparations.

Tuesday, after a conversation with Daddy bear the day before I called an estate agent to book an evaluation for the house so we have a better idea of our next steps when we are ready to put the house on the market. Sweet bear was struggling a little with some belly aches so I spent most of the morning cuddling her on the sofa with some movies on. By the time she was feeling a little better to go and play it was lunchtime. From there it was a bit of a rush to put her down for a nap, help daddy bear with starting to plan the carport roof before collecting Baby bear from school. It was his first night at Scouts tonight which I’m going to share all about in a few weeks once he has settled in. It was then home for dinner before homework and bed for both children. I then spent the night, you guessed it, at the laptop. I’m really trying to get all my ducks in a row with the shop ready for launch in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Wednesday, we had a very exciting zoom call in the morning after I dropped Baby bear off at school. Once we had finished that we rang some of our family to tell them the good news before heading out for a little celebration lunch date. We enjoy going to Morrisons Cafe and think they have a good range of food and good prices. Before heading home we stopped past Argos to pick up Daddy Bear’s new Airpods. We then got to spend some time with a friend and her little boy. It was the first time A had met Sweet bear which was nice before heading to pick Baby bear and E-M up from school. Once Baby bear was home we settled down to do some homework before I sorted dinner and started our bedtime routine. Daddy bear downloaded the WordPress app onto my phone so decided to upload this weeks blog from there however for some reason it didn’t upload which I didn’t realize so I will be posting extra this week to catch up.

Thursday, the morning was a mad rush to make sure the house was ready for the Estate Agent to come around to talk through how much the house is worth and possible future renovations before we are ready for the house to be listed on the market. It went really well and we were surprised slightly by the outcome but the visit was very helpful and makes me excited about the next chapter when its time. We didn’t have long between the end of the meeting and having to pick Baby bear up so it was a quick lunch before having to leave. Baby bear has been moved up a group in swimming so he now starts later which meant we had more time to do some homework quickly and practice his spellings before we had to leave. He did really well and enjoyed being back in the water. Daddy bear then had games night at our house this week which meant I was able to have an early night and relax in bed without feeling guilty.

Friday, I spent after dropping Baby bear at school I came home to pack up ready to head down to Essex once Daddy bear had finished work. I still struggle to know what to pack for Sweet bear as it’s been such a long time since we have traveled with a baby. I did well and packed everything we needed. Once I had packed everything up I made sure the housework was pretty much done before picking Baby bear up. Once he was home I put both children in the bath to give them a wash before putting them into their travel onesies. Daddy bear finally finished work, we loaded up the car and headed off.

Saturday was a very exciting day. I got to go bridesmaid dress shopping with B for her wedding, it was a very productive day, and even though it didn’t go quite as we thought it was good. Before heading back to the boys and children we went out for a late lunch/early dinner with all the girls. This also gave all of us bridesmaids the chance to have a chat about her hen do’s and pin down some possible dates. It’s all so exciting and I honestly can’t wait to share her big day with her. Once we were back with the boys we then headed over to my Sister-In-Law and Brother-In-Laws’s house for dinner and for Daddy bear to help E with something. It was great seeing them and watching all the children play and spend time with Sweet bear.

Sunday, we got to have a slightly lazier morning with my grandad which was nice before we got ready, packed up, and headed over to my parent’s house to spend the day with them and enjoy a roast dinner together before it was time to head home. It was lovely spending time with them as we haven’t had the chance to for a long time and lost our time with them over Christmas because the children were poorly and we came home. Before heading home we put both children in their bath so they were clean ready for today which was so helpful and I think helped settle Sweet bear ready to go in the car. It did mean it was a later night leaving but it was worth it to spend time with them and we got a proper dinner instead of something on the road.

I’m ready for a quieter week this week for sure. How was your week?