Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. We had quite a busy week this week ending in me hurt yesterday. Defiantly not want I wanted or needed as we have another busy week ahead of us but accidents happen.

Anyways, Monday myself and Baby bear were back at school and work which I must admit was a shock to the system after having a week off and being out of routine. I will say though it was great being back at work seeing all our lovely little ones and the ladies I work with.

Tuesday, as we all know is my day to work late at work so Daddy bear collected Baby bear from school and had their weekly boys time. Once I got home it was full steam ahead in trying to get back on top of the housework as we had guests coming to stay the weekend and a full week of working. So again, another kind of boring day.

Wednesday, however, was quite a fun and exciting day, Baby bear had his first swimming lesson with Making Waves. He was really confident in the water and started to swim without any floats but when lockdown happened and we were unable to take him swimming I noticed a dip in his confidence. So we decided to sign him up for swimming lessons as it is such a good life skill to have. He was so excited so he needed reminding to wait his turn a few times but overall he did amazing and we were defiantly proud parents.

Thursday, was our busiest day for sure, me and Daddy bear were at work all day, Baby bear was at school. Then once we were home it was a mad dash to finish all the housework before our guests arrived. Daddy bear also has his game night on a Thursday which was kind of helpful as it meant I had the evening alone to finish all the jobs I wanted to get done.

Friday was bit of a strange one. we had guests but I still had work, Baby bear had school and D was at work. That did mean that it gave Daddy bear and A all day alone to talk about the business and do some things that needed doing around the house (including fitting our new dishwasher… YAY). Once we were home A and I quickly run to the shop to grab some bits we needed before the boys cooked us a yummy dinner. I then had some planning to do for work and D had some bits to do so us girls sat in the house with a glass of wine, a movie doing what we needed while the boys were in the office looking at properties they were going to view Saturday.

So while the boys went to view properties and an area Saturday, myself and D packed up a picnic and headed to the beach for some lunch and a play with Baby bear. Before heading home we also stopped into the shop to grab the last few bits for Baby bears birthday as we won’t have the time really now before his party. We then had a lovely dinner together and just spent time with our friends before everything went bottoms up Sunday and I hurt myself.

So Sunday started like any normal day, Daddy bear got up with Baby bear so I could have a lay-in before another full and busy week at work. I got up tidied around our bedroom a bit, got dressed, and ready for the day. However, as I was walking down the stairs my knee gave in on me and I fell down the stairs. I hurt my upper back and neck, badly winded myself, and hurt my coxsick. I somehow managed to make my way to the back door and got Daddy Bear’s attention before being sick and the full amount of pain kicking in. He settled me and then moved me on to the sofa to see if that would help, but it hurt so bad so he moved me upto our bed where I have been ever since.

I took today off work due to the pain and if I’m being honest I should take tomorrow off to but I’m going in because I hate knowing people are struggling because of me… and I’m bored of laying down doing nothing now. I have been able to sit up and move around a little today before it hurt to much so hopefully I’ll be okay for tomorrow. Anyway we have another busy and exciting week ahead and I can’t wait to share it with you all. This weeks post will be up Thursday after we have our first home visit with M our social worker.

So here is to another week x