Welcome back my lovelies, I can only apologize this is so late I honestly thought I had uploaded it Monday but clearly not. So better late than never, here is what we got up to on our first week of Easter holidays including how we kicked off the wedding celebrations. I want to say a huge thank you to my maid of honor and chief bridesmaid for everything they did and put together for me Saturday. Here is how our week went.

Monday, it was my first day of solo parenting so K, J, Baby Bear, and I decided to take a surprise trip to the cinema to see Sonic 2 for Baby Bear. We got the Bus to the shopping center where the Cinema is which Baby bear enjoyed on its own. Before heading into the movie we went to get some pick and mix, when we got to the cinema we all obviously got our popcorn/nachos/hot dog, tango ice blasts and headed into the movie with an unsuspecting 5-year-old. His little face when he realized what we were there to watch was amazing and made it all worth it. After the movie finished we headed into the shops to grab Baby bear some new jeans that weren’t covered in grass stains before heading home for a relaxing evening.

Tuesday, was a day of crafting for Baby bear. I had brought him an easter craft bag which kept him entertained way longer than I thought. He sat for nearly 5 and a half hours cutting, sticking, coloring, and creating lots of pictures and mess. I couldn’t even get him to stop for lunch he was so engrossed in what he was doing. This gave me plenty of time to answer some important emails. It was nice just having a chill day not doing anything major or on a time scale.

Wednesday, we got to see B, R and A, it’s been forever since we saw them and we have missed them. Baby bear and R as usual picked up where they left off and had a blast rollerblading around the living room in their underwear. We got to enjoy dinner with them and have a catch up before heading home to bed.

Thursday, we got to spend the day catching up with our friends H, D, and A who we haven’t been able to see since before Covid. Baby bear loved playing with the girls and their dogs and I loved being able to have a catch-up. After a fun day, we headed home for some dinner before I was able to put baby bear to bed before jumping in the bath for a relax.

Friday, my mother-in-law planned a surprise day out for Baby bear to the Science Museum. I wrote all about it in my latest post here. However, baby bear loved going on the trains, walking around London, and of course, seeing all the Space sections in the museum. We were staying with them that night so we headed back to my in-law’s house where we met Daddy bear. Baby bear was so excited to see him and tell him all about the week we have had. D and A quickly joined us as well so once the Baby bear was in bed we got to chat, play some games, and spend time with our friends.

Saturday was the day we kicked off the wedding celebrations. I had my Lingerie Party while Daddy bear went to his surprise stag do with some of the boys. From what I know the boys had a great time Paintballing before going out for food and drinks (a lot of drinks). Anyway back to my Lingerie Party, (I’m planning on doing a whole separate post about it) but it was such a laugh and I was truly spoilt by all my guests. It was beautifully set up and planned. As I said at the start I can’t thank my maid of honor and chief bridesmaid for everything they put together it was amazing and defiantly the best way to kick off our wedding celebrations.

Sunday, a bunch of hungover boys headed to be measured for their suits while I headed back to my in-laws to pick up Baby bear as my father-in-law had been amazing and had him while we were out Saturday. D came with me and we packed up all our things and said bye before heading back to my parent’s house to help finish tidying up from our wedding celebrations Saturday. Once the boys were home we put the gazebos down before we head home.

How are your Easter Holidays going so far? Have you done anything fun? I would love to hear what you have all been up to.