Welcome back lovelies, as we all know this week has been big in the UK as it was King Charles’s Coronation this weekend. So a lot of things have been happening to celebrate that, we also had the sickness bug make its way through the household. 

Monday, was a bank holiday which meant Daddy Bear got it off work. I had planned on taking the children swimming with friends in the morning. So we were up and out pretty early to pick up K, H, and E before heading to the pool. We had a blast playing in the pool with friends and just making memories. We also took a picnic so Daddy Bear came along to join us for that before we got all the children out of the pool to head back to our house. After a while playing everyone headed home and I prepared dinner before heading out to my Zumba class. I’ve been loving being back dancing with L and it is doing wonders for my mental health. 

Tuesday, Baby Bear was back at school and Sweet Bear and I had errands to run. I usually do the weekly food shop on a Monday but I was not doing that on a bank holiday so waited a day. Baby Bear also had scouts that night and with Daddy Bear back at work Sweet Bear came from a sort walk to drop him off and pick him up. Not something I will be repeating in her pram from now on. 

Wednesday, Daddy Bear woke up early hours throwing up. He had been hit by the sickness bug Sweet Bear had late last week. Sweet Bear also had an appointment with the Health Visitor about some concerns around her feet which went well and my mind was put to ease. Before heading home I went to pick up some Lucazade for Daddy Bear who was defiantly feeling under the weather. Because of this, I took Sweet Bear with us to Baby Bears Swimming lesson, and my goodness I forgot how much of a handful she can be. But she loved watching her brother in the water. It was then a quick tea before I headed into the office for an evening meeting before tidying up and heading to bed. 

Thursday, Daddy Bear woke up feeling better however, I was now down with the sickness bug. So thanks to my amazing friend M she took Baby Bear to school for me and Daddy Bear juggled Sweet Bear and work so I could spend the day in bed either sleeping or trying not to be sick. He then fed the children and put them to bed before heading out for his Game night while I slept off the bug. 

Friday, we both were back on our feet though I was running on very little sleep after a rough night with Sweet Bear. She has been really unsettled these last few days and I can’t figure out what’s going on with her. However, M took Baby Bear to school for me again while I got us ready for another meeting for Sweet Bear that morning. Once we had finished I got myself and Sweet Bear all packed up ready to go over with lunch to surprise a friend with some other friends. It was lovely seeing her and having a catch-up before heading home to put Sweet Bear down for a nap and heading to collect Baby Bear. We stopped past the park for a short time to play before heading home for a picky dinner and movie before bed. 

Saturday, we had planned on going out as a family but Daddy Bear woke up with some back pain and struggled to move so we decided to have a chilled day at home. I and Sweet Bear watched King Charles Coronation on the TV while the boys played Switch upstairs. After it had finished and Sweet Bear was down for her nap we had a sweep around the house in preparation for doing a car boot sale next week to declutter a bit. I don’t know about anyone else but I got through fazes of wanting to completely empty the house of everything and become minimal. 

Sunday, Daddy Bear got up with the children and gave me a lay-in before I got up so they could get ready to head out for a boy’s day. Daddy Bear took Baby Bear to the cinema to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy while myself and Sweet Bear went into town to the King Charles coronation street party. We had a good time with friends and the boys enjoyed their movie. Before I knew it, it was time for dinner before bath time and bed ready for a busy day tomorrow. 

How did you all spend your weekend? Did you watch and celebrate King Charles’s coronation?