Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week we had a busy week that’s for sure finishing with the weekend celebrating L turning 1! I can’t believe I’m saying that this year seems to have flown by, our little L is one. So here’s our weekend leading up to the birthday celebrations.

On Monday, I started work later so I got to have an impromptu breakfast date with V after we dropped our little people off at school. I then headed to work for a busy day there although I did have to leave early as I had an important doctor’s appointment. We didn’t get out of there till nearly 6 so it was a cheeky KFC dinner before heading home for an early night to bed.

Tuesday, was a full day at work for daddy bear and me while Baby bear was at school. We then did our weekly food shop ready for another week and our date night. Once we were home I then started putting L’s birthday present together. V asked for a busy board for her so of course Aunty and Uncle came through.

Wednesday was swimming day again. Baby bear is doing really well, I’m actually really surprised and proud with how quickly he is progressing. Once we were home and baby bear was in bed we had a date night. It was Daddy Bear’s turn to cook for us and he pulled all the stops out. We had smoked salmon and cream cheese canapes for starters followed by lamb ribs, with roast potatoes and baby carrots. For dessert, he made a crepe cake which was so yummy. Needless to say, we were well and truly stuffed after our yummy dinner so settled down for some cuddles and a movie.

Thursday, in the evening Daddy bear, was out for game night so I sat and finished L’s Birthday present before making sure we were all packed ready for our trip to Essex for L’s birthday. I, however, quickly took myself to bed with an upset stomach.

Friday I woke up early hours with an upset stomach which meant I had to take the day off to ensure it wasn’t a bug. It wasn’t a bug but turns out to be my illness playing up a bit. This wasn’t going to ruin our plans for the weekend though. Our L is one we were going to be there no matter what.

Saturday was L’s big day, well her birthday party, L isn’t one till today. We had a slow morning before getting ready and heading out to the party just after lunchtime. Baby bear had so much fun playing with his cousins. After the party, we all headed back to my in-laws house to watch L open all her presents and to spend some more time with her and B.

Sunday, I got a lay-in as Daddy bear got up with Baby bear for me. Daddy bear then helped his dad fix something while I packed us up and loaded everything back into the car. Before heading home we stopped past my parent’s house to see them. We decided to go for a little walk before helping them put some of their Christmas decorations up before heading home. Hense why this post is going up today and not last night as we didn’t get home till late and I needed sleep before another full week ahead of us.