Welcome back lovelies, we are getting back to our usual routine with work and daily life. We took a last-minute trip to see our family in Essex this weekend which was lovely. So here is how our week went as our last-minute trip was defiantly needed after our week.

Monday, was our first day back at work and school after our week off. It was a slight shock to the system and a hard morning but we did it and got to school and work on time. It was a late work night for me as usual so the boys did their thing until I got home. Once I got home we had a family dinner before I pottered about doing a little housework before bed.

Tuesday, after a hard day at work I headed home to sort the weekly shop out before we picked Baby bear up and went to do the shopping. Once we were home and Baby bear was in bed I spent the evening adding some stickers to the online store and figuring out my next steps in life. We also got a positive email which is what we needed to be honest, it really helped raise my mood that’s for sure.

Wednesday, was a strange day for sure as we didn’t have swimming like usual. After dinner and bed, I jumped in the shower before heading into the office to write my midweek post (Check it out here). Once I was finished I headed up to bed to unwind and have an early night.

Thursday, was a busy day, after work we rushed home to get ready for swimming before heading to Baby bears new swimming group at a different pool. His swim teacher messaged during the half-term asking if she could move Baby bear up a group and to a different pool as she felt he was ready. She was so right it was like watching a completely different child swim and we couldn’t be prouder. On our way home, we grabbed a cheeky Mcdonald’s for dinner before heading home for Daddy bear to head out for his weekly game night. Before Daddy bear went out we got a phone call which meant we decided to take a last-minute to Essex to see family. Once Daddy bear had gone out I packed up ready to head out Friday straight from work and school.

Friday, Daddy bear met us outside the school with the car and we headed to Essex. When we arrived we did some bits we needed to before heading out for dinner to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday. It was nice to see everyone and spend time with family. It has been a while since we have all been out for a meal and it was honestly lovely but a very late night.

Saturday, Daddy bear needed to go and sort out his suit for the wedding so I took baby bear to my parents to see them. I needed to get some shoes for this weekend so we headed to Lakeside to do a bit of shopping. We then headed back to my mum’s to see family. We then decided to walk to the local pub for some downtime. It was a lovely walk and just want we needed, we got to enjoy a few drinks at the pub before having a stroll along the sea wall before heading back to my mum’s for some food and a sleepover.

Sunday, we got up and headed back to my in-laws to spend the day with them before we headed home. My mother-in-law even made us an amazing Lamb roast dinner which is my absolute favorite. Before we sat down for dinner we all took the dogs for a walk over the park with Baby bear to run off some steam and energy. After dinner, we spent a little more time before loading up the car and heading home. After an hour of driving Daddy, bear got tired so we pulled over and swopped so I could drive the rest of the way. It was a very late night but our last-minute trip was so worth it.

We have another busy week ahead but some very exciting plans for the weekend including another (not last minute this time) trip which is getting me through. I hope your week back in the school routine went smoothly and you had a lovely weekend in the amazing weather.