Welcome back lovelies, we have just finished our last week of term. Well, half term so we only have our little sweeties at home for a week. We had a good last week of term full of fun and activities. So here is what we have been up to.

Monday, after dropping baby bear off at school we headed home to quickly pick up the car before heading to drop it at the garage to be looked over for a quote for some work Daddy bear is wanting to have done. While the garage was looking over the car I took a walk into town to have breakfast before having a wander around town. After a few hours, the car was ready to be picked up so I headed back to the garage the get the car before heading to our weekly food shop and heading home. Baby bear was at school till late which gave me time to potter around the house before getting him. Once I had sorted out dinner and the children were in bed, I started resetting the house when Daddy bear finally came home.

Tuesday, it was another busy morning, straight after dropping Baby bear off at school we had to head home fast as we had an appointment for Sweet bear at home. This lasted nearly 2 hours but we couldn’t be more proud of how well she is doing. After our meeting, we spent the rest of the day at home playing before getting Baby bear from school. He was very excited as it was dress as a superhero at school so he got to dress up as Iron man for the day. We also got a call back from the garage with the quote for the work he wanted to get done which was really reasonable so I got that booked in to be done once Baby bear is back at school. It is scouts night for Baby bear and it was an exciting one, he was given his first badges and necktie.

Wednesday, we had a chill day at home while Baby bear was at school, I needed to catch up on some housework and get some admin done for the blog. Daddy bear also ordered me my new pair of Fairfax and Favour boots we have been eyeing up. As you may have seen over on my Instagram he also brought me the navy Daisy heels we have been looking at. Needless to say, I’ve been spoilt this week with 2 blue boxes.

Thursday, I have been struggling with my mental health again lately and I know getting out of the house sometimes helps with this so decided to take Sweet bear to soft play with a friend because going places is no fun on your own. I also want Sweet bear to socialize with friends as much as possible. However, when we got there soft play was closed so we deiced to take the children to the aquarium, the girls loved it there and I had a lovely time chatting with my friend. Before heading home we went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch. Once we were home we didn’t have long before it was time to pick baby bear up from school and head to his last swimming lesson of the term.

Friday, we had another meeting booked for sweet bear once Baby bear was at school, again it went really well. Once we were finished I headed out with Sweet bear to pick up C, K, and E before heading into town to go back to our favorite restaurant for lunch. It really helps my head being out of the house and socializing. Once we had finished I dropped C home before K and E came back to our house for a while before we had to pick up our older 2 from school. Once we were home Daddy bear and Baby bear decided we were going to get Chinese for dinner which of course I wasn’t going to say no to.

Saturday, Daddy bear needed to do some work on the car so we spent the day at home, he worked on the car while I played with the children and pottered around the house. Not much really happened today, it was very relaxed.

Sunday, after a rough night with Sweet bear she slept in till 10 am and Baby bear slept in till 9 am however I got an early wake-up call from the delivery drivers delivering our new hob at 8.20 am. As excited as I was to finally get our new hob I didn’t appreciate the early wake-up call. I of course headed straight back to bed where we cuddled down to watch a movie. We were able to watch a whole movie before Sweet bear woke up. Once we were up I helped Daddy bear fit our new hob before he headed out to work on the car while I tidied up before cooking us a lovely roast dinner. Once the children were in bed I even booked a night away with the girls for C and K’s birthday. I’m so excited.

Anyway, here is to a week at home with both my cuties, making memories and trying not to end up completely bonkers by the end of the holidays. What do you all have planned with your little ones?