Welcome back lovelies, we have finished the last week of term which means we now have a week off with our little people. It is also the Queen’s jubilee Thursday/Friday so our better halves should be home. We had a fun but busy week but with a week off so close, I didn’t mind too much.

Monday is my usual work late day but we also had a staff meeting so it was an even later night for the last week of term. We also had Craft day at work so it was a fun-filled day. While I was at work the boys went and did the weekly shop which was very helpful.

Tuesday, Baby bear was at after school club so after work I headed home to get changed quickly before we went and picked up Baby bear just in time for his follow up appointment with the hospital for his height and weight. We have been given the all clear which is amazing. I then had my thoery which I was unlucky with and failed by just a few points. So once I was back in the car I rebooked it for next month – I am determined to do this.

Wednesday, we had a tea party at work which was a full afternoon but alot of fun celebrating the Queens Jubilee with the children and parents. After work and school we then headed to swimming as on Wednesdays we swim. Baby bear did better this week which is promising that his behaviour is on its way up.

Thursday, I had a late start to work which was lovely, it meant I was able to get some bits done around the house and hole punched some more leaves for the confetti. After work I had my last phonic workshop with Baby bear before we headed home for dinner before Daddy bear headed out for his games night.

Friday, was the last day of term so myself and Baby bear got to wear red, white and blue to work and school which he was very excited about. After school an amazing lady from the local community dressed up as the Queen to take photos and talk to the school children. She was amazing and all the children were so excited to see the “Queen” at their school. Daddy bear sorted dinner for us so I took Baby bear to the park for a while. Daddy bear then headed out to a friends gaming cafe so myself and Baby bear headed out on a leaf hunt before he settled down to watch a film while I started hole punch the leaves.

Saturday, we decided to give baby bear his birthday present early which meant we then had to take a trip to the shops to get a TV bracket and some other bits before heading home for the boys to hang the TV while I sorted us out lunch. After we had eaten I started to do some housework while Daddy bear did some concerting. He needed some help so once we were finished I started us all some dinner before the boys had dinner with a movie while I finished some of the jobs that needed doing.

Sunday, is our new family swim day and this week I joined the boys. After our swim sessions we decieded to head to the local pub for a pub lunch before getting our new Switch game, snacks and heading home for some more family time. The evening saw some more hole punching of leaves, lucky me.

So here is to our fun filled week off. I’m excited to see all our friends and enjoy some time with Baby bear.