Welcome back lovelies, we have officially finished the 6 weeks’ holidays, how are we all doing? It’s okay to admit we are all ready for our children to be back at school.

Monday, it was our first day at home with Baby bear since he before he went away so he just wanted to play with all his toys and chill in his room. I took this opportunity to unpack and get caught back up with the washing before daddy bear came home and we headed out on our first family bike ride. Baby bear was very excited to take me to the ‘magic forest’ and show me one of his favorite places. I love exploring places through his own eyes it’s truly an amazing way of experiencing things.

Tuesday, it was an early start to the day for me and Baby bear as he had an Opticians appointment where we found out his eyes are getting worse and he needs new glasses. After his appointment, we headed into town to grab a few bits before heading home to play Baby bears new game he brought with some pocket money. Later in the afternoon I and Daddy bear had a phonecall

Wednesday, it was one of the best days we have had in a while as we got to meet a very special person. While we were out Baby bear got to spend the day with V, C, and L. I can’t share too much just yet but it was an amazing day.

Thursday, I spent the day organizing the toy corner and making more space before daddy bear brought in our new unit for me to build and add. I also pottered around the kitchen and bedrooms and had a bit of a spring clean with Baby bears help. Daddy bear was then out for his weekly game night so I spent the evening in the office completing a customer’s order before heading to bed.

Friday, I spent the early part of the day finishing up packing and pottering around before I packed up the car before Daddy bear finished work ready for him to go and donate blood again before we headed to Essex. We had to pick up the wedding suits and I had also organized a girl’s shopping trip with my nan and mum.

Saturday, I got to spend the day shopping for our Honeymoon with my mum and nan which was lovely to get to spend some quality time with them. We enjoyed a Pizza Hut Buffet lunch before having a wander around the shops to get a special little person some birthday presents, me some clothes for our Honeymoon and a wedding outfit for my nan. It was a lovely day, which ended in a cheeky Chinese takeaway with my in-laws and nieces.

Sunday, it has been a busy day we were up early to spend a few hours with my in-laws before heading to see our friends to drop off A wedding suit and have a catch-up. After a few hours with them, we said our goodbyes and headed to my parent’s house for our final cake tasting and to see them for a bit before heading home. It’s the earliest we have been home for a while which was needed to make sure Baby bear was ready for school tomorrow.

I have enjoyed having this time with Baby bear but I will admit I’m looking forward to getting some routine back and hopefully seeing an improvement in Baby bears behavior.