Welcome back lovelies, as you have probably noticed we have made some changes around here. I have decided to take the leap of faith and try and take the next steps with the blog. I will go into what I want the future to look like in another post, this is about how our week has been.

Monday, was our parent’s evening at work which meant I was home even later than normal. Once I left work and the boys surprised me with dinner packed in our picnic basket with some fruit for dessert ready for a trip to the beach for dinner and some unplugged family time. It was lovely and to top it off we had the whole beach to ourselves so Mia was able to run and roam free, Baby bear enjoyed running around while I took some photos and Daddy bear relaxed. By the time we got home, it was way past Baby bears bedtime so off to bed he went and I headed to the office with Daddy bear to talk business.

Tuesday, after school we decided to make some space cakes from a kit Baby bear was brought for his birthday by a friend. Daddy bear and Baby bear wanted to make the cakes together so they did that while I sorted dinner out for us all. We left them to cool while we enjoyed dinner before Baby bear asked if I could help him decorate his cakes with him which I should have known was key for can you decorate them and I eat the spare icing and tops of the cakes. I must admit they looked amazing and were very nice, we did well. Once he was in bed I spent the evening in the office on my Cricut making the end of the gifts to go in my girl’s bags ready for our weekend away.

Wednesday, once Baby bear was in bed I spent the evening finishing up the gift bags and talking to family. I also had to make sure I and Baby bear were packed and ready to head to see family Thursday night. It was a last-minute trip so as you can imagine it was a slight rush but something we needed to do.

Thursday, before we left for our trip we had to drop Mia off at the kennel before taking Baby bear to his swimming class. He did so well considering he has missed 2 weeks’ worth of lessons, however, he is still very much an anchor. Once we got home we grabbed the last few bits we needed before my aunt came to pick us up. We loaded the car and headed off.

Friday, we didn’t need to leave for our weekend until 4.30 pm so we spent the day with Nan and let Baby bear play in the garden while it was lovely weather. It was really nice to just have someone and one time with nan and just make memories. Time is precious and you should take every opportunity to grab it with both hands. We then left Baby bear with my dad before heading for my weekend away with 3 of my girls, my mum, and my aunt. I am going to do a separate post on this so keep your eye out.

Saturday, all I will say was amazing and just want I needed at the moment.

Sunday, once we were back at my parents we sat in the garden for a little while to catch up and see family before heading home. We didn’t want to leave late so after an hour or so we packed up and headed home. It was very strange coming home to no Mia but it was amazing to be home. A few hours after Daddy bear arrived back so after a little family time we put Baby bear to bed before heading to bed ourselves we had a busy weekend.

I do want to say I’ve been slacking lately but we have a lot going on at the moment however after some conversations with Daddy bear we have a plan in place. I hope it helps as I miss you all and want better for this space. I am also hoping these changes we are making help to.