Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. If you follow my Facebook or Instagram you will already know there was no post on Wednesday as I needed to have a bit of a mental health break. Things have been a lot lately with work, home, the adoption, and well just life. However, other than that my week was quite busy but good, here is how it went.

Monday Baby bear, was poorly again so he was off school. Which honestly I really dislike him missing school but I don’t know if any other parents have this struggle but I never know what to do for the best- send him to school and see how he is or keep him off so he can rest and get better without spending whatever he has to the class. However, with everything going on in the world right now we decided to keep him off.

However Tuesday, he seemed slightly better again so off he went into school with the instructions to send him home if he was too unwell. I was back at work as well so Baby Bear had some boys time with Daddy bear as Tuesdays are my late night at work.

Last week, Baby bear invited L round for dinner without V so of course, that’s what we did after school/work. Daddy bear surprised L by picking her up before I finished work and we all went to collect Baby bear. They then played before dinner while I potter around the house doing some housework before we had dinner. Wednesday was when I started to notice I was struggling with my mental health (I’ll share more on that when I’m feeling more sorted), so I took the night off from writing a blog or doing anything really. I knew I needed to take a step back and focus on myself for a while.

Thursday was another long day, I was working 9-6 and as you all probably know by now Thursdays are also Daddy bear game nights so he was out so I did the last few things I needed to do to prepare for our weekend away before running a nice hot bath. Which if you follow my Instagram you will already know how that went and for those who don’t go and give me a follow firstly. I ended up ringing my mum and have a mental breakdown before Daddy bear came home with Vanilla Milkshake and cuddles.

Friday was our busiest day of this week, we all had work/school before having to drop Mia off at the kennels for the weekend before going back home to pack the car and heading off for our weekend away to see D and A for his birthday. It was the first time we have taken Baby bear there but I have to admit I was a little nervous but he did amazing.

Saturday we spent the day in Great Yarmouth having Ice cream, doughnuts, and playing mini-golf while D had to do some work. We then went back to their house where the boys then went to a local cafe for some time to do some business bits while me and D made the boys an 8-course meal for them.

Today was our last day with D and A so we took a trip over to Caister Castle to have a look around and a picnic before heading home. It was a really nice day and this weekend was defiantly what I needed for my mental health at the moment.

We have a very fun half term holiday planned and I hope you all do to. Heres to another week and I will hopefully be back to normal Wednesday.