Hey lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. I hope you have all had a good and productive week. We have been busy with some more renovations to the house getting it ready for summer and well finished. As well as making sure we are all ready for Baby bear to return back to school tomorrow for the first time since before Christmas.

I have also had work 4/5 days this week so Friday I spent the day with Baby bear catching up on the end of homeschooling and just spending some time with him before we go back to not seeing him for the large portion of the day.

After not being sure if I was going to have the COVID-19 vaccine due to the uncertainty around infertility (most say it will be fine but there is very little testing in regards to it which made us nervous). I decided to go ahead and have it. Mainly because it doesn’t look like we will be able to have another biological child so I decided to put my health first and have it. I received the Pfizer and other than feeling spaced out Wednesday, my arm being very painful Thursday and Friday and just feeling run down I was okay.

We also got our first phone call from an Adoption agency. It went really well and they have passed our information on to their team for them to call us and book our first home visit. We know this is just the start of a long journey but we cant wait to get started and bring our baby home. I will be sharing more about it all soon once we have a little more information but I can’t wait to share this part of our story with you all.

Other than that we have been working on some more renovations in and outside the house. Well mainly outside, we build our pergola seating area last August then didn’t get round to finish it. So we finally order our lighting, love swing, and ivy for the trellised fencing to decorate the area. We now just need to add the curtains, build the seating and order the fire pit. We also got out stones, slabs, and weed membrane delivered so we have started putting our stones around our decking board planters and pergola. I have also added all the ivy to the fencing which looks amazing if I do say so myself. Daddy bear also continued the renovations today plastering our landing. Which I’m so excited about, I do love a nice smooth wall. He is a man of all trades and I’m so thankful. Next on our renovation list is the slabs outside ready to turn our living room window into french doors leading to our seating area and finish plastering.

As you can see we have had quite a busy week and next week doesn’t look to become any less busy. But I can’t complain I quite like being productive and getting the house done. Anyway, I hope your all ready for our little people to return back to school and the first step in getting back to normal. I will see you Wednesday as usual xx