Welcome back lovelies, Sweet Bear and I had our first mummy-daughter time out on our own this week. We go out a lot with friends I haven’t taken her out for a day out on my own. Of course, I take her to run errands and things but this week we actually went and did something for her.

Monday, we were meant to have a meeting but it got canceled so Sweet Bear and I headed into town to do the weekly food shop and a few other errands I needed to do while Baby Bear was at school. After we picked up Baby Bear from school we came home to get back into our after-school routine again after the half term.

Tuesday, after taking Baby Bear to school I then had to run the car into the garage again for a suspected oil leak. While the car was at the garage Sweet Bear and I went to the cafe for breakfast before we headed to the local soft play to have our first mummy-daughter time before going to pick the car back up. We had a lovely time playing and making memories then to make it even better the garage called and said he couldn’t find a oil leak and the car looked all good. We didn’t have very long before having to pick up Baby Bear from school. He then had Scouts before we had dinner, baths, and bed.

Wednesday, we had our meeting from Monday today which went really well. After our meeting, I made us all some lunch before putting Sweet Bear down for her nap. I decided to spend her naptime in the office doing some bit for the shop and some markets, and craft fairs I have signed up for. I am very excited about what’s to come and to share my new products with you all. Baby Bear had a wellness group after school so we decided to surprise him with us all on the bikes which he was very excited about. It is also swimming day as you all may know if you follow me here. Daddy Bear kept Sweet Bear with him while I took Baby Bear swimming. He did so well and is doing amazing.

Thursday, was our first day we had no plans so I enjoyed the quiet day after I dropped Baby Bear off at school. I did the odd job around the house but mainly just relaxed and played with Sweet Bear. Daddy Bear had games night with his friends so after putting the children to bed I headed back out to the garage to make some more products and plans for products.

Friday, early hours of the morning Sweet Bear was sick after a few unsettled hours so it meant one tired mumma. However, I still had Baby Bear to think of so I took him to school and did his pop-in with him before heading home to a poorly baby. When I got home to found her in the bath as she had been sick again so Daddy Bear was cleaning her up. We were meant to go out for lunch with all the girls but had to cancel due to her being sick. However, I have some amazing friends who went and picked up lunch to bring it over for us all to enjoy together still. It was really nice spending time with everyone while still staying in and looking after a poorly baby. Sweet Bear also enjoyed seeing all the girls and having plenty of cuddles from everyone. I can’t recommend having friends who love your children enough, it’s amazing as I love their children too – it’s the best. We then spent the evening sorting out some bits after we got some big news.

Saturday, we decided to pop into a local garden center with some friends to look at some flowers for them, play, and enjoy some lunch before we headed over to the fish shop to feed and look at the fish before finding the local park to play. It was a lovely chilled day which was needed as Sweet Bear still wasn’t 100% and we need to have a bit of a reset after the night before. We love spending time with friends and making memories as that’s what life is all about.

Sunday, we decided to take a trip to the local car boot to do some market research before I booked a stall there. It was good and of course, we got to see friends again which topped it off. Once we got home, Daddy Bear and Baby Bear headed out on their bikes while Sweet Bear had a nap and I prepped our roast dinner in the peace and quiet. It wasn’t long before the boys were back and Sweet Bear was awake. The boys spent the afternoon doing some jobs while Sweet Bear played and I cooked up an amazing Chicken Roast Dinner.

It’s been a good week and we have another good week planned ahead of us.