Welcome back lovelies, I enjoyed a Mums weekend away with friends which was so relaxing and much needed. Before we went I also enjoyed the week at home with Daddy Bear and the children for Baby Bears last week off school. So here is what we got up to.

Monday, after our busy day Sunday and then traveling home we spent the day at home. Daddy Bear did most of the housework while we were away so I came home to a beautifully clean house. This meant I only had to tidy up everything we had taken with us to Essex. Daddy Bear was also off work as it was Bank Holiday so we spent the day together playing games and just relaxing.

Tuesday, we planned to go Soft play with V and L however, while getting ready to go Baby Bear took a turn for the worse and became sick. So he stayed with Daddy Bear while I took Sweet Bear to play before we headed to do the weekly shop and pick up some bits Daddy Bear needed. While we were gone Baby Bear seemed to perk up and felt better again. We had a slow rest of the day and just enjoyed being home.

Wednesday, we originally planned to go to the Farm with M however the weather had other plans so we picked to take the children to The Magical Castle to play. We picked M up on our way, stopping at her house for some lunch first. The children had an amazing time playing and we enjoyed spending time with M again as we only get to see her in school holidays. On our way there my car gave me a check oil message so after talking to Daddy Bear and checking the car over we made a slower journey home. Once home Daddy Bear looked at it and you guessed it the car was off the road again.

Thursday, we had a play date with our friends, K, H, E, C, D, D, D, W, and C. All the children played in the garden while us mums got to enjoy a hot cup of tea and have a chat. We had lunch together and just enjoyed seeing friends. I love that my friend’s children are Baby Bear and Sweet Bear’s friends. It makes playdates so much easier and more enjoyable. Once they had all gone home, I tidied up and got the house ready for Daddy Bear to host his game night at our house. While he was spending time with his friends I packed up everything I needed for our mum’s weekend away.

Friday, while the children were eating their breakfast, Daddy Bear took some time to look at the car before I left for the weekend. I also took this time to jump in the shower and get ready for the day. Before I knew it, the girls arrived at my house and we head off to grab some shopping before picking up M and heading to the caravan. Once we arrived, we settled in before enjoying a relaxing evening playing games, drinking, and enjoying the hot tub. It was gone midnight by the time we actually crawled into bed.

Saturday, after a slow start to the day we enjoyed a cooked breakfast before some more time in the hot tub, and drinks. M and C then had to head home so we said our byes and went back to enjoying our time relaxing. It was so peaceful and quiet. I won’t say much more as what happens on mum’s weekend away stays on mum’s weekend away.

Sunday, we were up early so enjoyed a slow morning before packing up and tidying up ready to head home. We had the best time and already have another trip in the pipeworks which I can’t wait for. As much as I missed the family it was nice to get away and spend some time with just some friends. Once I was back home, I spent some time with the children before they went to play in the garden while I started decorating our fence and Pergola with Ivy. Daddy Bear also got the car sorted again and back on the road.

Who is ready for their little ones to be back at school tomorrow? I’m not sure I am, I have enjoyed having both children at home to spend quality time with.