Welcome back lovelies, I celebrated my 26th Birthday this week as well as making some very exciting future plans to grow our family. Daddy bear took a few days off so we could celebrate my birthday together while Baby bear is in Essex.

Monday, I spent the day with V and L at soft play before we met Daddy bear after work and got an Icecream. We then headed home to go for our first bike ride together it was short-lived as it started to rain but it was fun nevertheless. Daddy bear had planned a cozy night in for us. We watched a movie, ate some dinner, and cuddled in bed. Its been a while since we have been able to completely switch off and just enjoy each others company.

Tuesday, Daddy bear was off work so he had a bit of a lay-in while I did some housework while breaking in my wedding shoes. We then headed to B&Q to get the wood to make the crisp wall for the wedding. Once we were home we started to measure and cut the wood before it started to rain. So we headed into the office for Daddy bear to do some bits on his computer while I started my paint by numbers my sister-in-law brought me for my birthday. We then had a very unexpected phone call about growing our family which threw the rest of our day out of wack but it was very worth it.

Wednesday, was my birthday so we headed out for breakfast before I had to pop into the doctor for a check-up. We then decided to head out to do some shopping before going home to see V and L for my gifts and birthday cake before going out for dinner. We tried a new restaurant out and the food was amazing. It is a place called The Lakes and would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere nice to go out for dinner. When we got home Daddy bear run me a bath as I had said I wanted to have one and use my new bath salts.

Thursday, it was Daddy bear last day off work so we decided to go for a bike ride before having some lunch and start to put the crisp wall together. We also found out we had a little vole in the garden which we then had to try and get rid of before it destroyed all of the gardens. Dinner time was soon here again so we tidied up and headed in to watch a movie and relax for the evening.

Friday, Daddy bear was at work so I pottered around the house before going out for another bike ride. Once Daddy bear was home he finished building the crisp wall before we headed to Tesco with L and V to buy a total of 300 bags of crisps for the wall. Before heading home L requested we went to the park so off we went.

Saturday, I had a wedding dress fitting and V had her first bridesmaid fitting before Daddy bear and I got ready to head out to a party. It was a great afternoon and night spent with family. It was a slightly later night than planned but it was so worth it.

Sunday, when we got up we decided to go for a Carvery for lunch which was delicious, I think we have found our new favorite place to go for a carvery. Once we got home we headed out to take Mia for a walk before heading into the office to do some work.