Welcome back lovelies, after a busy week at work I got to enjoy my hen do this weekend at love pub & grub with some amazing women. I can’t thank my girls enough but I will do a separate post on that in the week, so for now here’s how our week went.

Monday, Baby bear had me up throughout the night with a bad cough, temperature, and generally unwell. When he woke up he was insistent on going to school so we got ready and headed off, I’m so proud of his determination, and from what his teacher said he had a good day. It was also my usual work late day so once I was home we settled in for some dinner before bedtime. Once baby bear was in bed he was still very unsettled so I made the decision to focus on him and leave the blog. In between sorting him we did, however, sort our honeymoon out and decided where we want to go and I must say I am very excited.

Tuesday, after the night we had I must admit I was expecting Baby bear to wake up still not feeling well at all but was shocked at how Baby bear was storming through and still wanting to go to school. I’m so proud of him honestly. He did however end up having a really bad eczema flare-up resulting in me needing to come out of work to sort him. He then went to after school club while I came home to do some jobs before going to get him. Mia also had the vet for a check-up and her yearly booster jabs, she wasn’t a fan of it but did really well. I decided to jump in the bath to start the preparations for the weekend.

Wednesday, Baby bear was invited to a friend’s house for a playdate and dinner which meant Daddy bear and I got to enjoy some alone time. We headed into town to grab some last bits for Baby Bear’s birthday this week and also some dinner. I even had time to wrap all his presents before he came home which was so helpful. He loved spending the evening with his friend E. Once he was home it was a little play before bath and bed. I also needed an early night so off I went.

Thursday, was another crazy day as it is now swimming night so once we were in from school it was straight back out to swimming lessons before home for dinner before Daddy bear headed out for game night. I took the evening to have another bath and add another layer of tan, and ensure everything was packed ready to head out Friday straight from school.

Friday, I started work late which was such a help as it meant I was able to pack the car and get everything ready before I headed in. It was a lovely hot day which made for quite a good day, but a very warm journey to Essex. Once we arrived my amazing sister-in-law did my nails ready for Saturday, we also got to have our first cake tasting which was so much fun and very yummy. I may be biased but my mum makes some amazing cakes. The boys then said their goodbyes before heading to Daddy bears parents for the weekend. We then relaxed before heading to bed ready for our amazing day out.

Saturday, we got up had a laugh some food, and showers before my wedding makeup artist came to my parent’s house to do our makeup trial before we headed out to Love pub & grub for my hen do. I loved my makeup and it looked simply stunning, it makes me so excited for the wedding. She also did my maid of honor, chief bridesmaid, and my Mumma so we looked on fire for love pub & grub as well as everyone else. I won’t go into detail on our day as I want to do a separate post but I will say it was amazing.

Sunday, was a little slower of a start for me as I came on my period Saturday night but the alcohol was a great pain killer but wasn’t much help by the morning. It was also fathers day so a few cuddles with dad before cards and gifts. I then proceeded to spend the day cuddled up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. The boys finally came back, gosh I miss that pair so much when we aren’t together. After a few hours, we loaded up the car and made our way home to get ready for another week. I was also glad to be home with my bed and usual painkillers.

Here is to another exciting week and Baby bears birthday Friday. My baby is turning 6!!! WHAT…