Welcome back my lovelies, I enjoyed my last week with baby bear before he goes to Essex for his 2 weeks holiday without us. I tried to soak him up before we dropped him off. Baby bear loves going to Essex and spending time with our family.

Monday, we spent the day lazing about in our pj’s watching tv, cuddling on the sofa, eating snacks, and playing with Baby bear. Sometimes it is nice to just unplug from the world and enjoy being in the moment with our little ones. Once Daddy bear had come home from work he helped me reach down the last wedding photo frames so I could finish up the end of the wedding signs.

Tuesday, we decided to go for a walk with Mia and our friends to do some rock hunting before going for lunch and a play in the pool at our friend’s house. Baby bear did really well behavior-wise all day and it defiantly made it easier. That however wasn’t the story for the afternoon once we took a walk to the park before heading home. Baby bear decided it was the perfect time to have a meltdown which resulted in me having to call Daddy bear for backup to help get Baby bear home. After we had dealt with Baby bear, Daddy bear and I headed out to the office to build our new desks now we are both working from home come next month.

Wednesday, we spent the day fairy hunting with our friends. I shared all about it last week (click here to read all about it). Baby bear’s behavior was a huge improvement so as Daddy bear was out with work for a meal I decided to cook us a ‘treat’ dinner and then a game before bedtime. I then spent some time in the office before heading up for an early night and waiting for Daddy bear to come home.

Thursday, we spent the day at home pottering around, playing with Baby bear, and getting ready to drop Baby bear off in Essex for his holiday. Daddy bear had his weekly game night so I packed up our bags and relaxed in the bath before cuddling up in bed.

Friday, was a busy day, we had to fix Baby bears glasses AGAIN!, grab a few bits for the wedding, finish packing, and load up the car all before making the journey to my parent’s house. We all had a somewhat early night as it was an early beginning for us all as we had a day out planned for my birthday.

Saturday, we had a day out in Longleat and it was simply amazing. I’ve got a whole post coming this week about it but I will say now it was amazing. We all had a great time and it was definitely one way to kick off my birthday celebrations. It was a long day but worth every minute.

Sunday, after spending the morning playing as a family we finally actually got up and got ready before heading into the shopping center where the boys surprised me with a bike for my birthday. We then met up with some friends so the boys could have a suit fitting while we girls had a wonder, chat, and some shopping before we headed to a restaurant for a meal and catch up while all the children played together. It was a lovely day spent with friends which is always the best way to spend your time. We then Baby bear with our friends B&A before heading back to my parents to pack up and pick up Mia before stopping at my in-laws where I receive some amazing birthday gifts before we headed home.

Now to enjoy my birthday week and some adult time with Daddy bear after last week with Baby bear.