Welcome back my lovelies, sorry there was only 1 post last week and this post is late my surgery has kicked my butt a bit. Hopefully, this is me back and getting back on track but I’m not even a week into my recovery yet so I’m letting my body tell me what it needs. As you can imagine not much has happened since my surgery and I’m going to do a whole separate post on the surgery, recovery, and my experience but I will touch on how I’m doing here so here’s how my week has been.

Monday, I was off work as I had to isolate myself before my surgery. I spent the day deep cleaning the house, writing a blog post, packing my hospital bag, and doing some self-care to try and relax while Baby bear was at school. M was amazing and helped take Baby Bear to school for us while Daddy bear was at work before finishing work and picking Baby bear up. After dinner, Daddy Bear went and did a weekly shop before things got very full on for him. He planned an amazingly sounding meal plan and everything he has cooked tastes amazing.

Tuesday, after M took Baby bear to school again for me the nerves started to kick on so I spent most of the day doing nothing much. I had lost all motivation to do anything so I didn’t, I listened to my body and mind and took a day for me. I pottered around and did the odd job but nothing major. Once the boys were home we spent the evening, enjoying an amazing dinner daddy bear had cooked, and some time together as a family. I decided to have an early night to bed as the nerves were getting a bit too much to handle.

Wednesday, was surgery day, and a very early start for us all. Once the boys had dropped me at the hospital, the boys headed home for Daddy bear to drop Baby bear at school before heading into work. I will go into all the details on what happened at the hospital in my other post but while I was there, Daddy bear was amazing and picked Baby bear up from school, took him swimming, and sorted his dinner all while on and off the phone to me trying to sort everything else going on. I was finally allowed home so the boys came and got me, it scared Baby bear a little to see me the way I was but he handled it like a champ and after a little treat of a Mcflurry he was happy again and we headed home. Once I was home and had some more medication that was me for the night to try and get some sleep. My week of bed rest started.

Thursday and Friday, I spent most of the day in and out of sleep. Daddy bear was amazing in looking after me and meeting all my needs while still working, taking care of Baby Bear, doing the housework, and everything else in between. I honestly can’t thank him enough for everything he has done, it hasn’t been easy but he’s doing amazing. Friday evening my mum also arrived to help Daddy bear and see me over the weekend which Baby bear was very excited about.

Saturday, my mum spent most of the day with Baby bear which was lovely, they played games, went shopping, and did some baking. The loneliness started to kick in with not seeing anyone most of the day but I was glad Daddy bear had help with childcare so he could do what he needed. I also believe time with grandparents is so important for them both so it’s something we encourage hugely in our family.

Sunday, my mum spent the morning in my room with me and Baby Bear, I watched them play playdough we sat and had a chat before she had to head home. I felt somewhat okay so Baby bear spent most of the day with me playing his switch, watching a film with me, we read his new magazine together and he made me lots of playdough food to “make me feel better”. It took it out of me so it was soon medication and nap time so baby bear headed downstairs to daddy bear. I loved spending time with him, I’ve missed my boys so much already and we still have a road ahead of us.

I hope you all had a good week, and I am so thankful for all my well wishes from my surgery it means a lot. I’ve already said how brilliant Daddy bear is being but I just want to also thank him for helping me capture most of my #yearofphotos while I’ve been stuck in bed. Heres to another week of bed rest and recovering from surgery.