Welcome back lovelies, we officially joined in with our local rock painting and rock hunt this week. We also went to see the new Minion movie at the cinema. Our first week of the summer holidays has been successful and full of fun and quality time.

Monday, I spent the day organizing everything that needs doing for the wedding, the blog, and what jobs I wanted to get done around the house. Baby bear wanted to spend the day building his lego in his room so that’s what I left him to do. I offered to play but he was adamant he wanted to be alone. Once Daddy bear came home we headed to do the weekly shop before coming home to sort dinner. While I was cooking the boys headed to the park for their usual weekly boy’s park trip.

Tuesday, I decided to surprise Baby bear with a trip to the cinema to see the new Minion movie. We invited our friends M and E to come with us, it was great seeing them and having a catch-up. The movie was really good and defiantly one to watch, we enjoyed it alot with lots of laughs. On our way home we stopped by and picked up some painting supplies ready to decorate one of the bedrooms.

Wednesday, I spent the day cleaning our downstairs and helping Baby bear rearrange his toy corner the way he wanted it. Our new paint sprayer arrived which meant Daddy bear was able to decorate our whole downstairs while ‘trying it out’ (anyone else’s man does not listen to advice and makes more work for you…) I love him but my word… So I then spent the rest of the night recleaning the living room from the white mist of paint before heading into the office to do some work.

Thursday, Baby bear had his friend L over while M was at work which Baby bear was very excited about. They spent the day, playing with nerf guns, and playdough, dressing up, pretending to be in a band, drawing, and stickers as well as watching a movie (all 20 minutes of it). As you can see they have a very busy 7 hours. However, I will say having her here made cleaning so much easier, I was able to clean the kitchen, hover throughout, and even clean the kitchen floor. Once she had gone home we spent some time relaxing as a family before Daddy bear had his weekly game night. This meant I had the night to myself so after getting the new blog up, I was able to sort the wedding bits that were taking over my bedroom before sitting to write my vows.

Friday, we spent the day with my friend M, we went and joined in with our local rock hunt. They had a stall at our local market to paint and decorate your own rocks before going to hide them. We all made our own before going for a little walk around to hide them. We decided to them join our friends at the local chip shop for some lunch. It was lovely to see Baby bear with all his friends as well as introduce M to some of my other friends. We headed home to play some games and puzzles before M had to go home and we spent the rest of the night relaxing. Daddy bear surprised us with a Chinese takeaway for our family movie night.

Saturday, after breakfast in bed from my boys, Daddy bear headed out to grab some things for his bike while Baby bear watched a film and I sat and did wedding admin, creating more of our signs and ordering some more bits we need. When Daddy bear came home he gave me one of my birthday presents early a laptop lap desk so I’m able to work on my laptop in other places other than my desk or the table. I posted a picture of it last night for my #yearofphotos. I sat on the floor with it all afternoon doing my task list (I love sitting on the floor).

Sunday, we spent most of the morning in bed watching tv while Baby bear played in his room (his choice, as you can see he loves being in his room). Once we were up, I wrote this post before we hung some new photo frames above the stairs before M came over for our sleepover ready for our day out tomorrow. It’s been a good week and I’m excited to see what next week holds for us but either way, it’s going to be fun.