Welcome back my lovelies, it’s our first weekly check-in for 2023 and this week Baby bear started his new term at school since their Christmas Break. It’s been a good week and I’m proud of how well we have settled back into the routine and swing of things.

Monday, was a bank holiday which meant that not only was it the last day off for Baby bear before he started his new term at school but Daddy bear also had the day off so we spent the day relaxing as a family and making sure everything was ready for Baby bear to return to school. Both children had been super poorly over Christmas Break so I wasn’t as prepared as I usually am for the first day back (I’ve got a whole post coming about the children being poorly). I was still very tired from the lack of sleep from having 2 poorly children so once they were bathed and in bed I had a quick bath before heading to bed myself.

Tuesday, someone was very excited to be back to school and see his friends that Baby bear was up at 5 am asking if he could get ready for school yet. After holding him off for a while I finally gave in at 6 am and got up to help him get ready for school. Sweet bear was still asleep when we had to leave so I left her in bed with Daddy bear and took Baby bear to school. It was very strange doing the school run without the pram but it was nice having one-on-one time with Baby bear. While he was at school I headed into town with Sweet bear to grab some bits we needed before coming home for a few hours before it was time to get Baby bear. Daddy bear treated me to a new iPhone 14 so I’m very excited to have a new phone. After picking Baby bear up we headed home for our usual evening routine, homework, dinner, baths, and bed.

Wednesday, after another school run without Sweet bear I headed home to get her ready for the day before heading out to playgroup. Once we were back home I pottered around the house doing some housework before it was that time again to do the school run. We then had a quiet evening/night.

Thursday, I woke up on my period so it was a lazy day at home for me and Sweet bear. My cycles are still horribly painful so I was in no mood to do anything. It was however Daddy bears game night so once the children were in bed and settled for the night I headed to bed with my tense machine and headed blanket to hopefully get some rest and relief before our day with friends Friday. It didn’t work out like that as I couldn’t settle without resetting the house so that’s how I spent the night.

Friday, Sweet bear joined us for the school run this morning which was nice and felt more normal. It was then a quick turnaround before heading back out of the house to go swimming with a friend and her little girl. It was Sweet bears first time swimming so I was unsure how she would react but she loved it and we had so much fun playing in the water. We then decided to head out for a girlie lunch at a local restaurant. It was then back home for an hour before it was that time again to go and get Baby bear from school. He had an amazing week at school so we decided to have a treat dinner and get Mcdonald’s.

Saturday, we got to spend the day with some of our favorite people C and P for the day. They came over to our house and we played games, talked, enjoyed some food, and enjoyed each other’s company. We exchanged Christmas gifts which meant the children got some amazing handmade clothes. Once they headed home we made a picky dinner and settled down on the sofa for a movie night. Once the children were in bed Daddy bear headed to the office to do some orders while I reset the house before we headed up to bed to relax and call it a night.

Sunday, we needed to do a weekly shop so once Sweet bear woke me up we headed downstairs to start our day. I got down some of our recipe books down to help find some different ideas for dinner. Now myself, Daddy bear, and Sweet bear are home each day I have decided to start planning out what we are going to have for each meal every day so I can make sure we have a variety of options and I have everything I need to make them. Daddy bear woke up feeling rubbish so once he was up we headed out to the shop where he stayed in the van with Baby bear playing Switch while I took Sweet bear into shopping to get what we needed. We then headed home to relax for the rest of the day and get ready for another week at school.

We have an exciting and busy week coming up next week. I am also on track with some of the goals I set for myself in my previous post.