Welcome back lovelies, I am so proud of myself this week, I faced one of my biggest fears which I am so proud of myself for. It was also the last week of term at school for baby bear so it’s been a busy week.

Monday, Daddy bear was still away so after dropping Baby bear at school I headed home to potter around the house and get ready for Daddy bears arrival home later in the day. I wanted to deep clean the house throughout before coming away. Once I picked Baby bear up from school we headed home to quickly feed the children dinner before heading back to school for Baby bears parents’ evening. He is doing amazing and it was nothing but positive. By the time we got home, Daddy bear was home too so we were all excited to see him before bedtime.

Tuesday, we got some new sofas which meant our old ones needed to be taken to the dump so Daddy bear loaded them up the car and I took them around before going to do a little shop to get us through the week before we came away. Baby bear was also off school with a very bad headache so he spent most of the day in bed. This meant he also missed Scouts this week as he wasn’t feeling up to going. I made sure the house was looking good for our visitor on Wednesday.

Wednesday, after dropping Baby bear off at school I headed home to get Sweet bear ready for the day and our visitor. Not that she cared I had tidied the house she made light work of getting all the toys out again for me. After our visitor had been I popped into town to grab some bits for Daddy bear and some bits I needed while Sweet bear took a nap. After school it was Baby bears last swim lesson of this term which he enjoyed and Sweet bear took the opportunity to give her comfort bear a swim. Once we were home we sorted dinner before putting the children to bed and cuddling down on the new sofas with a movie for the night.

Thursday, I spent the day packing up every ready for me and the children’s trip. I also spent the day trying to not talk myself out of doing our trip, it’s something I’ve been looking forward to but the thought of doing the drive on my own with both children is very daunting. I also finished up with all the housework that I wanted to get done so I wasn’t stressing about it tomorrow. I decided to just load everything into the car and not think about the drive ahead of me.

Friday, Sweet bear was asleep again for the school run which meant that I was able to go to pop in with Baby bear on my own. I then went and picked up Sweet bear and got her ready for the day before heading over to a friend’s house for a tea, chat, and breakfast date. We had a lovely morning with them before going home to finish packing up before picking up Baby bear from school, said bye to Daddy bear before starting our journey. It was an okay journey and the children were so good considering it took us longer than planned because of traffic and it raining so heavily that I had to slow down at times. But we got down here safe and sound and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

Saturday, we had a slow morning spending time with nan and grandad. Once Sweet bear woke up from her nap we got ready and headed around to my parent’s house for dinner. We ended up staying there for the night so once the children were in bed we all played a few games before heading to bed.

Sunday, I had to head back to nan and grandad to pick up clothes and bits for the day before going back to my parents to get ready for the day before I drove us all into Bluewater for dad and W to go zip lining and the rest of us took the children to a big dinosaur themed soft play. Once we had finished we headed for some food before heading home. I have done a lot of driving outside my comfort zone these past few days and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.