Welcome back my lovelies, this has been a busy week of operation preparations and it is my last week at work before my surgery as well as all the hospital appointments I’ve had. We have also done some more repairs to the car. I haven’t got round to uploading a second post this week but as I’m off work I am going to try and get one up tomorrow and possibly one Tuesday. So here is how our week has been.

Monday, was my long day at work which still wasn’t long enough to get all my paperwork done for the next 3 weeks. as well as the usual paperwork that needed doing. While I was at work I got another phone call from the hospital explaining my surgeon and her team had looked over all my notes and decided she wanted a full MOT done before I go in on Surgery day. Once I got home it was time for dinner. Daddy bear did bedtime which meant that I got to have a relaxing bath and unwind.

Tuesday, I woke up with a banging headache, I also had a full day at work so that was a great mix, ending up with a very exhausted Mumma by the end of the day. We also needed to do a full shop so once that was done, we were home, the shopping was put away and dinner was done I was ready for bed. So an early night for me it was.

Wednesday, I started work later as I had another phone call with the hospital to go over all my medical history and any information they may need to know. It was then time for work, if I’m being honest I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it in as Baby bear had been up in the night coughing and even though he seemed better in the morning I wasn’t sure how long it was going to last. He did a whole day at school though which meant I got my shift in. It was then swimming which went okay, Baby bear is so confident in the water he just needs to work on keeping his body up as he sinks which makes swimming harder for him. We didn’t have date night as we were both exhausted and I wanted another bath to try and help my backace and Daddy bear had some bits to do.

Thursday, I went into work early so got a full day with the little people and girls. After a very busy day, we headed home. Daddy bear surprised me with a chinese that I have been craving for a few weeks now which was amazing and defiantly needed. I decided I was going to start our wedding favours as they aren’t ediable so why not check that job off the list. I am in love with them (If you want a sneak peak head over to my instagram) I got a fair few done while Daddy bear was at his game night with his friends.

Friday, was another full day at work and my last for the next few weeks while I recover from Surgery. It was lovely and I’m defaintly going to miss everyone while I’m off. Straight from work I then had to head to the hospital though for my full MOT, and after waiting for my appointment as they were running late I was in and out from the nurse in 20 minutes. Once we were home Daddy bear and I teamed up to bulk cook some dinners ready for him to be doing everything for the next few weeks. We then settled down to watch some TV in bed with some snacks once Baby bear was in bed.

Saturday, Baby bear and I gave Daddy bear a lay in, so I decided to finish up the end of the wedding favours. I was shocked that I actually got them all done but I’m in love with them and its nice to know that job is done. Once Daddy bear was up he started doing some more work on the car which has worked and seems to have stopped the knocking noise we were having. We then spent the evening together as a family before we all headed to bed.

Sunday, today, we haven’t done much really, the boys let me have a lay in today which was amazing. We then had an early lunch before getting ready to head over to the hospital for my covid test ahead of Wednesday. we then headed home where I did some housework (I’ve been deep cleaning the house so Daddy bear only has to keep it up while I’m out of commision). Daddy bear did some bits he needed to do also while Baby bear did he own thing for a while. The boys then headed out for a bike ride while I cooked dinner as I’m not isolating until surgery. I must say dinner was amazing, its the first time I’ve done my roast potatoes in the air fryer and I will now do them in there everytime they were yummy.

Here is to a very strange and nerve wracking week, I will try to keep you all updated as much as possible during it all. Hope you all have a good week x