Welcome back lovelies, it’s been our first week of married life and it still doesn’t seem real. We are still in our own bubble while going about our normal day-to-day life. Well, our somewhat normal life, while we are also adjusting to Daddy, bear now working from home and me being a stay-at-home-mum.

Monday, after packing up our hotel room we headed back to my aunt and uncle’s house to watch the queen’s funeral before packing up as much of the wedding things we could before heading home to unpack and get Baby bear ready to go back to school on Tuesday. By the time we got home we were all exhausted so had something to eat and headed to bed for an early night.

Tuesday, wow what a busy day. After dropping Baby bear to school V and I headed to pick Mia up from the kennels where she was staying over the weekend for the wedding. Once we were home, Daddy bear had started work so I set to unpacking the car and sorting all the wedding bits out ready to sell or find a home for them. It was a very long day organizing but I empty the whole car. Baby bear had his first puncture on his bike on his way home from school and handled it like a boss. Once we were home, he went to relax in his room while I sorted dinner out and did yet another load of washing. The evening was then spent catching up on the Blog and some admin bits.

Wednesday, I spent the day catching up on the mountain of washing and writing blogs. There was also some more organizing that needed doing from my day of unpacking so I did that before Baby bear was due home. Once Baby bear was home he had some homework to do so we sat down to do it before dinner time. He did so well and we set our new routine.

Thursday, it was a morning of organizing some of my kitchen cupboards before I headed into the office to do some work on the shop getting it a little closer to being ready to launch. After school, it was swimming time, Baby bear did amazing and had a much better week. While Daddy bear was at game night I tidied our room before heading to bed for an early night.

Friday, we had a very special visitor come to see us. It was simply amazing and very surreal. The day was finished with dinner with some amazing people before heading to bed to watch a movie cuddled up with Daddy bear. Our first bed movie night in married life, one of many firsts we have had this week.

Saturday, Baby bear had a friend’s birthday party so I took him while Daddy bear did some work on the fences. Once we were home and Daddy bear had finished we got ready to head out for a family bike ride before dinner. We didn’t get very far before Daddy bears chain broke meaning we had to make our way home. We then settled down for some fish and chips and a night of playing on the Switch.

Sunday, was an early start as we headed to spend the day with some special people again. After spending the morning at church we headed out for a lovely meal and then back to theirs for a little play and some cake before home time. We then had a quick snack before bedtime for Baby bear. I’m now sitting writing this before doing the weekly shop ready for it to be delivered tomorrow. What a life.

I’m still in shock we have been living married life for the past week, it has flown by but doesn’t seem real. I guess nothing has changed really other than my name though so… Hope you all had a good week and here is to another.