Welcome back my lovelies, I am in the middle of writing this week’s post about my recovery but it hasn’t been an easy week again so it’s not finished. It will be up tomorrow for defiant so keep your eye out. However, something exciting happened this week, I started making our wedding invites. I am so bored of not doing anything I decided I would sit and make a start on them for a few hours. We also have had a nice weekend with some guests so here is how our week has been.

Monday, V came round for a movie day and catch up with me which was amazing to have some company and time with her. She was with me all day then the little ones came home, we all had dinner together for V and L headed home, and I had a very early night to bed as I was exhausted from the day. Baby bear then spent the evening coughing which lead to him being sick so it was a long night.

Tuesday, we decided to keep Baby bear off school as he was not only tired but I wanted to make sure he was okay before sending him back to school. He spent the day in my bed with me. I also had another friend M pop in to see me and show me her wedding album from her wedding back in August that I was maid of honor for.

Wednesday, was the last day I had to be stuck in bed so I spent the day doing some work on my laptop that needed doing. I also started getting myself out of bed and walking to the toilet with no help ready for my trip downstairs Thursday. Baby bear’s swimming lesson was canceled as his teacher has Covid so the boys decided after school they would have some much-needed boy time and play some games on the Switch. I spent the evening doing some more work before D and A arrived for the weekend.

Thursday, I was finally allowed out of bed and I couldn’t have been happier. I got up, got dressed (all be it a lounge suit but still…) brushed my hair and teeth (over the sink), and headed downstairs. I wanted to get back to somewhat normal. We had a meeting Thursday morning that lasted just over 4 hours but it was very productive and went well. Daddy bear then spent the afternoon/evening with A while I did some bits on my laptop before starting making a mock-up wedding invites before I started making them. We agreed on the design so I got my Cricut out and started making them up. By the time I went to bed, my stomach was swollen back up and I had started to spot which was getting heavier through the day. I hoped I would wake up and it had stopped, that wasn’t the case.

Friday, I woke up in a huge amount of pain, a very swollen belly, and still bleeding but heavier. I decided I would ring the hospital to ask for their advice on the situation. They told me that it could be my period that has come early due to having the surgery but to keep an eye and if the swelling or bleeding got any worse to go over to the hospital to get checked over. I then spent the day on the Cricut making some more wedding invites. B, A, R, and A arrived in the evening for a weekend of catching up with us which was amazing. I’m loving how the wedding invites are turning out and cant wait to send them out to all our friends and family.

Saturday, I was feeling a little better so we decided to take the children out to a local soft play for a few hours. I was able to still sit down and not do anything but the children were able to get out of the house and have a runaround. It soon became too much though so we headed home to rest. Not that I got much rest as Daddy bear was busy with A so B and myself had the children. The boys and D all then headed out to the pub while me and B had an early night only be to woken up by them all coming home in the middle of the night.

Today, was defiantly a chilled day as I am in a lot of pain but everyone went home today. B, A, and the children headed off just after lunch which meant me and baby bear got to spend some time looking at his science kit before settling down to watch a movie while Daddy bear was in the office with A. A and D then headed off around 4.30pm so the boys headed upstairs to play switch while I finished watching my film and letting more pain killers kick in. we then have had some dinner and Baby bear is currently cuddled up with me while I write this.

Here is to our half term, a week of fun, more wedding invites, and hopefully less pain, swelling, and bleeding. Hope you all had a good week x