Welcome back lovelies, we are back home after our week in Essex visiting friends and family. We had a busy but fun week and it was so nice being back in Essex.

Monday, we spent the day with Nan and Grandad with them. We spent the afternoon talking, and playing, I helped care for Nan as well as doing some housework to help Grandad. I also helped W wash Nan’s hair and freshen her up again. It was lovely and like the old days when we lived with them before we brought our house, I have defiantly missed them.

Tuesday, we got to spend the day with my in-laws and nieces which was fun. We played, laughed, and took a trip to the park together. I loved watching Sweet Bear with my father-in-law, he was her favorite person and it was amazing seeing that bond like the one Baby Bear and him share. We also got to see my sister-in-law once she had finished work. Once they have all left Baby Bear and my father-in-law decided we were going to get Chinese for dinner (Baby bears favorite). After dinner, we stayed a little longer before heading home to put the children to bed and get ready for our day out the next day.

Wednesday, we had an early start as we had booked to go to the zoo with K and M. I picked them up before we all headed to Call Of The Wild Zoo. We had the best day out and you can read about it over on my post (here). Once we were home we spent the early evening and night relaxing with Nan and Grandad. Before bed, I got ready for another early start the next day.

Thursday, we got up. got ready and was out of the house by 9.10 am to head over to West Mersea to see B, R, and A for the day at their caravan. It was an eventful journey but I did it and we got there in one piece ready to spend the day with our best friends. We had a great day making memories and watching all the children play together as well as having a catch-up with my oldest, best friend. After dinner, we hit the road back to Nan and Grandad’s house.

Friday, I had planned another day at Nan and Grandad’s to relax and spend time with them before we left to come home. I love days like this and I loved watching the children interact with my grandparents. It was a good day. Baby Bear decided he wanted a sleepover at my parent’s house so of course off he went.

Saturday, we spent the morning taking it easy before I went to pick Baby Bear up from my parent’s house and to take K and A to their friend’s house. We then headed back to Nan and Grandad to spend the rest of our day there. Sweet Bear started to feel under the weather which meant she was very clingy and very upset. Nan and Grandad then treated us to pizza for dinner as Sweet Bear was being a handful for me. Once the children were in bed I packed up most of our things ready to head off the next day. It was nearly time to head home to Daddy Bear.

Sunday, once the children were awake I packed up the end of our things and loaded the car before Mum came over to do part of the childrens easter egg hunt at Nan and Grandad’s before we headed to my parent’s house for the end of our easter egg hunt before we headed out to Bowling for W’s 21st birthday. We had a blast at bowling with everyone as well as playing a couple of games of pool before we headed back to the car to head home. It was a rough journey home as Sweet Bear still wasn’t feeling great so was really not happy being in the car. However, I did it and we got home safe and were back with Daddy Bear. I loved spending time with everyone but it was the best feeling to be home and back with Daddy Bear.

We are now home for another fun-filled week at home with friends before my mum’s weekend away this weekend.