Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good couple of weeks. Before I talk about our week and our polar express weekend I want to apologize for being MIA lately, I’ve been struggling with everything going on in life at the moment, and instead of asking Daddy bear for help, I was trying to push through it silently which hasn’t ended well with a mental breakdown Saturday. I am going to let myself off the schedule (I know I haven’t been sticking to it lately but…) I still want to post but I want to take the stress off myself until I can get back on top of things and life has calmed down a bit.

Anywho, here is how our week has been. So, on Monday we were at work and school, as usual, however, I got to come home early as it was parent’s evening week. Once we were home we had Daddy bears Nan come over to drop off some Christmas bits for us and my in-laws.

Tuesday, Baby bear stayed late at school which gave me time to get home and plan the week’s meals and shopping list before picking him up from school with Daddy bear to go shopping. The boys came into shopping with me which is dangerous but we did stock up on our new years eve alcohol which was helpful.

Wednesday, Baby bear had the first showing of his nativity play which Daddy bear and I were able to go and see and I must say he and all his classmates did so well. It was Baby Bear’s last swimming lesson of the year which was very exciting, and thanks to Daddy bear he picked him up from school and got him ready for his lesson as I was late home from work as I had a parent’s evening at work. I am so proud of how well he has been doing at swimming since he has started and it’s all thanks to his teacher Jackie. Wednesdays are also mine and daddy bears date night so once Baby bear was in bed we settled down for a yummy steak dinner and a movie.

Thursday, I had to collect my new glasses from the options before heading into a few shops to get the end of Daddy bear and Baby Bear’s stocking fillers and gifts. was another late night home from work as I had parent’s evening again so Daddy bear and Baby bear had a boy’s night before I got home and we took Baby bear back to school ready for his second show for his nativity play. He again did so well and I wish I could watch it over and over. Once we were home Daddy bear headed out for his game night which gave me time to wrap the presents I brought earlier in the day. I also started to clear our spare room ready for our guests over Christmas.

Friday, was the first one in ages that we didn’t have to rush home to pack the car and head off somewhere. We had a weekend at home and I loved being able to come home, cook dinner, and chill with my boys. Once Baby bear was in bed me and Daddy bear did some sanding and filling in the living room as we are getting ready to repaint in there now we have put our new radiators in (such adults).

Saturday, was our Christmas with V and L. We planned to take the children to the cinema to watch The Polar Express and see Santa. It was honestly the best idea we had and the children loved it so we loved it. Not only is The Polar Express is our favorite Christmas movie but it was the perfect way to lead up to his surprise on Sunday. Once we were home we got to me C, exchange our gifts between us, have dinner and drinks. L ended up sleeping over which meant when both the children were in bed us 4 adults got to play some more games and get to know each other. It was a very good night I must say so.

Sunday was honestly the best day we have had in such a long time but as you may have guessed from the title of this and Saturday… We took Baby bear on The Polar Express at the Mid-Norfolk Railway with all my in-laws and Nieces which was truly amazing to experience it with everyone. We have made it a yearly tradition and I can’t wait to take my parents with us next year to experience it with them.

I will aim to be back this week I have a few posts I want to share with you but let’s see how we go as I have a very busy week ahead of me. I hope you have enjoyed hearing from me again and have a good week.