Welcome back lovelies, after a very warm and stuffy week we headed to Essex for my hair trial and a pool party and cocktails for K’s birthday. Our first pool party of 2022 which as you can probably imagine Baby bear was very excited about.

Monday, was another later than usual night at work as we had some training and then an end-of-the-term staff meeting. Once I was home we had some dinner before we quickly wrote a shopping list and went to do our weekly shopping. We haven’t been shopping in a few weeks as I was trying to clear our fridge and freezer out. I was honestly shocked at how much it has gone up but that’s a whole other issue.

Tuesday, I finished work early for an appointment with Daddy bear. I then picked up Baby bear before coming home to do some housework and look after Daddy bear as his back is still causing him a lot of pain. He showed off his reading skills before we settled down for some dinner. Once I had put Baby bear to bed I headed into the office to write the weekly check-in. There were also some wedding bits that needed to be done so I handled that before heading up to our room to spend some time with Daddy bear.

Wednesday, we decided to have a treat dinner as something different. I decided to go all out and make a grazing table which Baby bear loved. It did mean however by the time Daddy bear came downstairs it didn’t look so pretty. Baby bear loved it and it was lovely having a little dinner date with him until Daddy bear joined us.

Thursday, it was swimming day and this week was certificate week as the last one for the term. Baby bear has been itching for his 10 metres for a while now but since moving to the new pool he wasn’t feeling very confident that he would be able to get it this time. However, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen it already but he achieved his 10 meters as well as passing his stage 3 and 4 badges. Proud parents as he didn’t even do his stage 3 he skipped it as Jackie his swim teacher knew he was ready for his stage 4. We could not be prouder of him and how far he has come in his swim journey. Once we were home, Daddy bear went and laid down before heading to games night while I put Baby bear to bed before packing our bags ready for our weekend away and pool party.

Friday, I picked baby bear up from school before heading home to pack the car before heading off. I’m going to be honest I can’t wait for Daddy bear’s back to be better so he can help out again. However, I did it and we were on the road not long after we got home. Once we arrived the first thing baby bear wanted to do was get in the pool but I wanted to take him to see nan again.

Saturday, we got up and the boys headed to the local shopping center to get their wedding shoes while I had my hair trial for the wedding, which I’m so glad we did as my original style wasn’t working. Once we had finished, we run to the shop for some cocktail ingredients for one I wanted to try before heading back to my parents to kick off the pool party and spend some time with friends and family. Baby bear had already kicked it off as soon as he got back from the shop, he is such a water baby so no surprise there really. There’s not much to say about it really other than we had a really good time and enjoyed ourselves and the company.

Sunday, we woke up to a cooked breakfast from my parents which was amazing and a good way to start the day. Of course as soon as Baby bear had finished eating he was back in the pool for one more swim before we packed up and headed home. Before heading home we popped into my in-laws to see them for an hour or so which was good and it meant we were able to arrive home before 5 pm which was lovely, to be honest. I’ve had time to unpack, do some housework and get ready for our last week at school and work for me and Baby bear.