Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. Hope you all had a good week. Ours only got busier from last week so we took the weekend out to have some quality family time and well just relax. It was well needed and to be honest neither me nor Daddy bear had the energy to do a huge amount.

It started off with being called into work Monday on my day off. I don’t mind stepping up to help work when needed but it defiantly threw me out of wack. I usually spend my Mondays catching up on the housework, do the odd errands I need to do and well just have some time myself while Daddy bear is at work (yes it’s only in the office but still) and Baby bear is at school. So I’ve been trying to play catch up all week as well as having things everywhere where we are in the middle of plastering the hallway, stairs and landing.

Tuesday was another busy day at work which ends late on a Tuesday as I have planning till nearly 5 pm. If I’m being honest I was absolutely knackered after work so I didn’t do much when I got home. Wednesday was another long day at work. I then picked Baby bear up from school ran home to get changed before heading back to work an hour and a half later for staff meeting. Once I did that I then rushed home for Baby bears second parents’ evening which if you saw my post-Thursday you will know went really well and he defiantly made us proud. As you can probably guess by the time Baby bear was in bed I was knackered and ate dinner and went to bed.

I’m not sleeping great at the moment which isn’t helping. I can’t figure out what is going on but I’m waking up multiple times a night, and when I am asleep I don’t seem to fall into a deep sleep.

Thursday and Friday were the same at work really, busy and tiring. By Friday I was barely able to move without my back absolutely killing me which really helped the situation as the only pain killers that work make me feel super tired so add them on top of already runny on empty was a struggle. So come the weekend, I was burnt out and needed an easy weekend. Daddy bear had booked some tip runs so he did that in the morning while I pottered around the house Saturday before we sat down to play some Mandalorian Monopoly and Anti-Monopoly. We love board games in our household and it really is quality family time for us to sit down and just play some games together for a few hours.

Today was again a chilled family day. Daddy bear had tip run again so before he left I made us all a lovely English breakfast. I then got Baby bear ready for the day while talking to my parents before we head out to one of our favorite places – Snipe Dales Nature Reserve. The boys had great fun walking along the stream even if they did end up soaked up to Baby bears’ waist and Daddy bears tights. It was such a fun day out and just what we needed some time out spending some quality family time.

Lastly I just want to quickly wish our little lady Mia a happy 2nd birthday (yes I know she’s a dog but she’s my baby and part of the family).

I hope you all enjoy your bank holiday off tomorrow, we are heading out to a park and stroll with some friends. I hope you all have a good week ahead. I will see you all again Wednesday x