Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. Firstly, I hope you all had a good week and a lovely weekend. If you saw my Instagram post-Wednesday you will know there was no blog as we enjoyed a family night playing games and well just enjoying our holidays together. However, We have had a fun week finally seeing friends and having well-needed catch-ups.

If you read last week’s weekly check-in you will know we celebrated Easter with L and V which was lovely and we finally got to see the first of our friends. However, I had a little work to do Monday which ideally I needed done and taken back to work Tuesday but having Baby bear at home proved that to be a harder task.

Tuesday, we then got to see M, R and J finally. We haven’t been able to see them in so long and Baby bear has defiantly missed playing with R. M is not only a friend but huge support through our adoption journey (I will update once we finally have our first meeting) so I love seeing her and having a chat about life and a little adoption. Once they went home I tried to finish some more of my work (I honestly take my hat off to you parents who worked from home with your little people off to, my goodness it is hard).

Wednesday and Thursday were family days (well without Daddy bear as he is working). We had lots of fun playing with stickers, lego, in the garden, dressing up, and loads more. This however did mean I was sat up at night again trying to finish work (can you see a pattern forming now haha).

I am 2 weeks late starting my cycle (no I’m not pregnant even though we know we can’t fall pregnant I have taken 6 tests to check I wasn’t). This, of course, means I have been feeling really not myself and I’ve been going to bed super early and well just struggling to be honest.

Baby Bear has been missing his best friend from school J so much since the holidays started so myself and D (J’s parent) organized for a playdate at our house Friday which seeing Baby bear so happy cheered me up. They had a blast running around, playing, and just being around each other while me and D had a chat. As you can tell we have enjoyed seeing friends even if it was in the cold garden, it has been so worth it.

But of course, a good day was soon turned a little sour when we were informed that our long-awaited delivery for our new french doors was in fact not being delivered Friday when we were told they would be. This threw a spanner in our plans as we had planned to put the door in place Saturday which we of course couldn’t do. Very annoying but I decided I wouldn’t let it ruin Saturday. I decided to have a yes day with Baby bear well this was until my cycle started and left me doubled over in pain.

We did have fun beforehand though, Daddy bear treated me to a gorgeous picnic basket I had mentioned wanting and it arrived Saturday morning. So of course what else do you do with a big amazon box other than paint it… and Mummy apparently. We are a messy play kind of household. I love messy play and love to watch Baby bear enjoy it. It did however lead to us both needing a bath before 10.30 am and Baby bear covering the kitchen in paint but it was so worth it. He then requested we build a den in the living room so we can read some books, eat lunch and watch a Dinosaur film. This is where the day took a turn. As we were eating lunch the pain started so after reading a book with lunch and watching half a film I retreated to the sofa with a heat mat and Baby bear headed outside to play.

This leads to today, and why this post is later than normal. We headed out for a picnic in a park with friends. We have loved spending the week seeing friends and to top our week off I asked my friend if she would do me the honour of being my bridesmaid which she said YES!. Only 2 more of my girls to ask then I can share what I have included with you, I love them.

We have another fun-filled week planned ahead of us which I will share over on my Instagram and Facebook page. So I hope you have a lovely week and I will see you again Wednesday x