Welcome back lovelies, last week was defiantly something… Baby bear and Daddy bear both got hit with a sickness bug writing pretty much the whole week off. It went from 0 to 100 overnight and it defiantly threw me out for the week.

Monday, little did I know this was the only normal day of the week. After dropping Baby bear off at school, I headed home to do a house reset after the weekend and sort the kitchen out before the food shopping arrived. Baby bear stays later at school on a Monday, so I took the extra time as an opportunity to do some writing here on the blog for future posts. When Baby bear got home he finally found his rock in the garden his friend had hidden before settling down to do some homework before dinner time.

Tuesday, it all went downhill. Baby bear had come into our room in the early hours of the morning and told me he wasn’t feeling well so the tired me cuddled him up in our bed and went back to sleep. In the morning when I woke him up he was adamant he still didn’t feel well and couldn’t go to school. I told him he was going and went into his room to get his uniform only to be faced with a bed and parts of his room decorated in sick. So obviously no school for him, I had the lovely job of cleaning up the sick while he laid on the sofa all day with a blanket and Mia. He also refused to eat anything so I knew he really was poorly. My day consisted of washing bedding and clothes, cuddling, and trying to get rid of the smell from Baby bears room.

Wednesday, he still wasn’t 100% in the morning so another day off school it was. By the afternoon I was regretting that choice as he was back to his usual self which was lovely. I can’t be the only Mumma who misses their normal child when they are poorly. It was a lazier day for us making sure Baby bear felt back to his usual self.

Thursday, once I dropped Baby bear at school I headed into town to have my nails sorted as they had grown out since the wedding and I needed a change. I also headed to finally put our wedding money gifts into the bank ready to pay our new sofa off. Once I was home, I spent some time in the office doing some work before doing some housework. Thursday is swim night so it’s straight in from school, change into swim stuff, and leave. Baby bear did amazing at swim again I couldn’t be prouder, so decided to treat him to Mcdonald’s for dinner as a well done. Daddy bear than had games night at our house so a chilled night in bed for me it was.

Friday, Daddy bear then spent the night in and out of sleep not feeling great. He was really not well so decided he would spend the day in bed working (joys of a work-from-home job I guess). I pottered around doing some housework before we had some guests come over for dinner. Leaving Daddy bear in bed we all headed to our local fish and chip shop for dinner which was delicious and shared with good company. Once they had headed home, I put Baby bear to bed and headed into the office for some downtime.

Saturday, Daddy bear still wasn’t feeling great so he spent the day in bed, playing some switch with Baby bear and watching some tv. While the boys were playing I spent some time finally getting a post up as the time I had set out to do it was taken by looking after the boys. I also headed out to pick up our new suitcase for Mexico and even started Christmas shopping. I didn’t get a huge amount just a few stocking fillers and the children’s Christmas dinner plates. I then spent the evening and night chilling with Daddy bear.

Sunday, we had our weekly visit with some special people. It was another amazing day and we even explored a new park which was fun. Once we were home I helped Daddy bear load up the car with our friends’ stuff ready for him to take and drop off to them. By the time we had finished, it was gone 10 pm so I quickly did the food shop before heading to bed.

So here is to another productive week with hopefully no more sickness and bugs.