Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good couple of weeks. Sorry I didn’t post anything this last week I had the worst day ever Monday and it really threw me and with it being the end of the term to my head was everywhere. So here is a small life update on whats been going on these past couple of weeks.

So not much really happened last week other than work and school, however, we had some very fun guests come to visit us and spend the weekend with us Friday night. V, E, B, and L came to see us so Saturday we took them over to Diggerland for a day of fun. Before we went to Diggerland though I had what should of been my last driving lesson, however, that isn’t the case. Then before they head home Sunday we picked up Baby Bear’s new glasses before grabbing some breakfast from a local bakery and heading over to the beach for a few hours. It was such a good weekend and we loved spending quality time with our nieces and watching Baby bear play with his cousins.

So Monday was the big day, the day I had been waiting for for months… My driving test. I was more than ready for it my driving instructor was confident I would pass. This was until we found out who my assessor was. G warned me before I went on my test that the assessor had a thing about parked cars and is known for failing people for them so to give them more space and just be cautious, which I was. However this wasn’t enough, he failed me for getting too close to parked cars and apparently touching one which I defiantly didn’t do. I was heartbroken 1 because I had waited so long for this day but more for the fact I failed for something I can’t go away and fix, I can’t fix his thing about parked cars. G told me I’m not the first he has failed for this and everyone has said the same things about him.

Tuesday was L birthday so after work we headed over to V before going to get a chippy dinner as she had requested. We then stopped past the park to let them have a run around and play before heading home to bed.

Wednesday was then last day of term for me and Baby bear which was emotional for sure. Baby bear said goodbye to his amazing Reception teachers and I spent my last proper day with my little people in the room. So as you can imagine there was lots of tears but we got through it and my Baby is officially a year 1…How?

Thursday was our first day of the holidays and we spent it at Sundown Adventure Land with L and V (I am going to do a whole post about it). It was such a good day out and we had so much fun with our girls, but it was a long day for sure.

Friday, I then had one of our last dress fittings before my friends wedding in just over a week. It was the first time seeing us all in our dresses together which defiantly made it feel very real and exciting after having to reschedule it a few times due to covid. I had to take Baby bear with me as we had no childcare which he did so well but it is defiantly a down fall to having no-one around to help with childcare for days like this when it would be handy having someone to help. But it is what it is.

Saturday, was a very exciting day we had Baby bears friend H over to play and have lunch, it was lovely having her here and watching them play and have fun. I love that even though we are on summer holidays Baby bear can still see and spend time with his friends. Daddy bear was out for a stag do so myself and Baby bear spent the night just relaxing before an early night to bed.

We haven’t done much today really, we had to do the weekly shop this morning. Then we decided to go and get Baby bear a new bike to help him learn to ride a bike over the summer. He has a bike already but it is a fixed wheel which he is finding really hard to ride without stabilisers so we brought him a new one with a free wheel and he has done amazing riding it since we have been home. We have another busy week ahead of us, well mainly me with the final wedding bits to do for my friends wedding. So I will try and get a post up midweek but I’m not promising anything but this has been my small life update on what’s been going on.