Welcome back my lovelies, it has been an interesting week, to say the least ending in me solo parenting. I feel terrible and kind of shitty about the fact I didn’t get my second post up of the week. I started writing one but didn’t finish it with how the week went so I plan on finishing it and uploading 2 posts this week without my weekly check-in. So here is how our week has gone.

Monday, was a late working day as usual but we also had L over to stay with us for a few days while V was away at a funeral. So once I got in from work and sorted dinner, and pottered around the house catching up on some housework it was finally bedtime for the little ones which meant that I was finally able to sit down and have 5 minutes to myself. I decided to take some me time and have a relaxing bath which was divine.

Tuesday, well what a whirlwind the morning was, getting myself and 2 children ready for school and out of the house by 8.10 am was something else. But I did it, we did it the children were amazing and so good. After work, I picked both little people up and we all headed home for an evening of playing, housework, dinner, and relaxing together. I also had a quick appointment after work so Daddy bear took the children out to run some errands while I had my video call which was so helpful.

Wednesday is swimming day which was good, we had to take L with us as V wasn’t back yet and she loved it. As we were leaving for swimming I got an unexpected phone call from the hospital asking to arrange an appointment for him. I don’t know much about it but once I know more I will let everyone know what’s going on. It was Daddy bears turn to sort date night out so once L had gone home, I put Baby bear to bed before settling down for some dinner and TV. Daddy bear had to pop out after dinner so I went to lay in bed as my cycle had started and as usual I felt like rubbish.

Thursday, was a long day for me. I had a full day at work as well as then having a staff meeting. During the staff meeting, I got another unexpected phone call from the hospital but this time it was for me. Last year I had put myself on the waiting list for surgery with the fertility clinic and I had completely forgotten all about it as it had been so long ago. They were ringing to book me into surgery in the next 2 weeks which was a little shocking and took me aback but I’m glad to hopefully be sorting some of the issues I’m having.

Friday, Daddy bear left to go to a friend’s house to help them finish renovations ready for them to sell which left me solo parenting. So once Baby bear and I got in from school and work he was gone and it was just us 2. We decided to have a mummy Baby bear night with Pizza and a movie before having a sleepover in my bed which he loved and it was nice spending that quality time with him.

Saturday, I booked to go swimming with V, C and L at a local private pool. I can’t recommend the pool enough if you are in the Skegness area and want to private swim session check out The Cottage Swimming Pool. We had a layin (well laid in bed) before getting up and doing a few jobs before our session at the pool. We had so much fun and shared a few snaps I got with our Nikon Keymission 170 Action Camera over on Instagram. We then went and grabbed a cheeky Mcdonald’s before coming back home for a chilled evening with my little mate before another sleepover in Mummys bed.

We had an earlier morning today as we were going shopping with V, C, and L so we had to be up and ready to go. Once we were home, I unpacked the shopping, cleaned out, and organized the fridge and pantry. Baby bear was happily playing alone in his room so I got on with some housework before sitting to play some playdough with Baby bear before dinner. We then sat and ate dinner before talking to Daddy bear and putting Baby bear to bed. I am smashing this solo parenting thing and am so proud of how I and Baby bear are doing.

We have another busy week ahead which includes a few more days solo parenting but with how well we are doing I’m not worried. I hope you have had a good week and here’s to another good productive week.