Welcome back lovelies, it’s been a good week with a spa day, girls’ night as well as returning back to school and work after the Easter break. It was just what was needed before this week.

Monday, we had a chilled day relaxing around the house and spending time together. With only 2 days left of our Easter holiday, I wanted to just spend some quality time with Baby bear. Once Daddy bear was home we went to do the weekly shop before the boys headed over to the park for some boy time before dinner.

Tuesday, Baby bear and I decided to go for a walk around the river bank with Mia before we came home for a picnic. We then had to go and pick up Baby Bear’s new glasses from the opticians. We changed his frame which has made him look so grown up. Once we were home and had dinner we then decided to have some family game time on the Switch before bed.

Wednesday, we were back at school and work. This meant our house guests Rosie and Nugget also returned back to work. It was defiantly a shock to our routine as we had gotten out of it over the holidays but it was nice being back and Baby bear had such a good day at school. He also returned back to swimming, he was distracted but did well which is a plus I guess.

Thursday, the boys got another boy’s night as I had a staff meeting after work. Once I got home and sorted dinner Daddy bear soon after left for game night while I started to pack up our things ready for our trip to Essex for my spa day with mum and B’s birthday. I started to feel a little overwhelmed but it all so left it for the night painted my nails, and headed to bed.

Friday, after work we headed to my parents in Essex. Baby bear had his first adult meal from Mcdonald’s which he ate all and loved it. When did he get so big… However, he was very excited to be at nanny and grandad for the weekend.

Saturday, me and mum were up early to head to our spa day. It was lovely to spend the day relaxing with mum before we got to enjoy a full-body scrub and massage, facial and scalp massage. After we had finished at the spa we headed into the local shopping center to have a mooch and grab some lunch before we headed back home for me to get ready for Girls Night at B’s. It was a good night and nice to let my hair down and destress before everything this week.

Sunday, it was B’s birthday celebrations so we headed over to V and E’s house for a BBQ and to spend time with them. Our first BBQ of the year before we had to head back to my parents to pick up Mia and pack the car before heading home ready for another week.

I hope you all had a good week and found the school routine again easily. Here is to another good week.