Welcome back lovelies, what started off as a great week and was on track soon took a turn down the shit street again when Baby Bear came down unwell again. After a trip to the doctor, we were told it was Strep A and Tonsilitis again poor boy so our week changed massively from there.

Monday,  after dropping Baby Bear off at school we headed home to get ready for a visit from M. It went really well and we even got some more information about Sweet Bear which was nice. Sweet Bear went down for her nap while he was here which meant it gave Daddy Bear and I some time to talk to him on our own before he left. We then enjoyed some lunch before Sweet Bear woke up and it was time to go and get Baby Bear from school.

Tuesday, I had an exciting delivery coming with some dresses to try for a wedding we have coming up. So I waited for that to arrive before heading into town to drop off a parcel for Daddy Bear and do our weekly food shop. I even got to do it in peace as Sweet Bear was down for her nap. Daddy Bear even picked up Baby Bear from school for me while I finished running errands. Once we were home we got Baby Bear ready for Scouts before feeding Sweet Bear dinner. Daddy Bear cooked us an amazing steak dinner before I fell asleep. Daddy Bear then sorted the children out for me so I could sleep and catch up from 4 nights of very rough nights with Sweet Bear.

Wednesday, Baby Bear had some spots on his mouth and hands so I kept him off and organized a doctor’s appointment to get him checked over. They confirmed it was Strep A and Tonsiltis again and put him on a strong dose of antibiotics. Once we were home and I spoke to the school, doctors and looked at Baby Bear and how he is every time poorly with Strep A and Tonsilitis. So we decided to pack up and leave for my parent’s house so I had extra hands to help with 2 poorly children.

Thursday, Daddy Bear went up to his parents to work for the day while I stayed at my parent’s house looking after the children. Sweet Bear was pretty much back to normal other than still struggling to sleep however, Baby Bear was still lethargic and not himself at all so just wanted to lay on the sofa. I pottered around the house in between sorting the children. Before I knew it everyone was home and it was dinner time before putting the children to bed and having 5 minutes to myself.

Friday, I dropped Daddy Bear off at his parents again for another day at work however this time he took Baby Bear with him. After a few hours, Sweet Bear and I headed up to join the boys to see the inlaws. During lunch, we headed into town to get Daddy Bear and Baby Bear some new shorts and something to eat. After a few hours at my in-law’s house, I took the children back to my parent’s house to get ready to go out for V’s 30th birthday while the children stayed with my parents. We had a great night out playing darts and mini golf.

Saturday, we decided to head to a park however it was so hot so we decided to head home to play in the water to cool off before having to go out for a meal for V’s 30th. It was a very relaxed day and the children loved playing in the water with each other,  nanny, and grandad before heading to see their cousins. Both children had started to perk up which was handy and nice to see them somewhat back to their usual selves.

Sunday, before going back to play in the water we took a trip over to see my grandparents for a moment while Daddy Bear went to get some things he needed to sort the car as the breaks had started to play up. we then headed back to my parent’s house for more time in the water and a BBQ before we hopefully headed home if the car was sorted. It was a lovely day and thanks to Daddy Bear and his dad we were about to pack up and head home. We left later so we were travelling when it was slightly cooler. Once we were home we put the children to bed before heading to bed ourselves.