Welcome back my lovelies, since Daddy Bear has been away I have been struggling with my mental health again. I was doing really well with it later and seemed to be back on my feet a little more. However, since being a solo parent I have felt it go downhill again, so it’s been a struggle this week, to say the least.

Monday, I fought every urge to just stay home after dropping Baby Bear off at school however, I needed to do a food shop so off Sweet Bear and I went. I must admit once we were done I was glad to be home, so after putting all the shopping away and make some lunch I put Sweet Bear to bed and plopped myself on the sofa until she woke up. We had a meeting straight after school so we rushed home for that. It went really well and seems to have helped. It was then dinner time before putting both children to bed and heading to bed myself. One thing I have noticed is while Daddy Bear is away I go to bed so much earlier, mainly because I’m absolutely shattered but also because the bed smells like Daddy Bear.

Tuesday, I decided I needed to get out of the house and socialize a little so I took Sweet Bear to the local playgroup. It was nice to spend an hour talking to other adults while Sweet Bear played. We then decided to join K, D, and E at the park for a while before heading home for lunch and Sweet Bears nap. Tuesday is a busy night for us as Baby Bear has after-school club then Scouts. Once Baby Bear was home I sorted his dinner, before putting both children to bed and again crawling into bed myself.

Wednesday, we spent the day just relaxing and not doing much while Baby Bear was at school. V was waiting for some workmen to arrive so I collected L from school with Baby Bear for her. I was also taking her swimming as she didn’t miss it so V watched Sweet Bear for me so I didn’t have all 3 children. I watched both children swim before heading home to drop off L and pick up Sweet Bear however, V offered to keep Sweet Bear so I was able to have some one-on-one time with Baby Bear. We decided to have a dinner date at KFC. It was lovely being able to spend some quality time with my big boy. Once we had finished we picked up Sweet Bear and headed home for bedtime.

Thursday, as I have spoken about before having a messy house also affects my mental health so I decided to have a day of cleaning the house. Sweet Bear had fun playing and following me from room to room ‘helping’. It felt so much better having a clean house and it helped pass the day before it was time to pick up Baby Bear from school and head home for some dinner. I then treated myself to a relaxing bath before heading to bed.

Friday, straight after the school run I went to pick up D before heading to Mcdonald’s for a breakfast date then back to her house for a while before running back into town to grab some bits for a backup dinner in case a friend needed help. I then dropped D off before heading home for Sweet Bears’ naptime before going to collect Baby Bear. We then spent the evening in my bed watching a movie with some snacks before having a sleepover in mummys bed.

Saturday, after a rough morning I decided we needed to get out of the house so took the children to the park. We met D, H, and E there which was nice the children all played together while we adults had a chat. As we were leaving D invited him to go and watch a movie with them at their house. So we headed to the shop to buy some snacks before they headed off and I took Sweet Bear home. She fell asleep so I enjoyed some peace and quiet before she woke up. Baby Bear ate dinner with his friends before they dropped him home with was nice of them. Once they were in bed I decided to head into the office to make some more products ready for heading to market next weekend.

Sunday, Baby Bear requested we had a walk around the local car boot so we got ready and headed off, meeting some friends there. After a little while we decided to head to the park for a play before heading home. Baby Bear and I then started the new puzzle we got from the car boot while Sweet Bear had a nap. We didn’t do much else today just chilled and enjoyed spending time together. I am now back in the office to write this and do next week’s meal plan before I head off to bed ready for another week of solo parenting.