Welcome back lovelies, the Summer holidays have finally begun for us here and most of you all if not everyone by now. I can’t wait to spend the next 6 weeks with Baby bear enjoying quality time and making memories. This also means we are 8 weeks out from the wedding which is a little scary, it’s coming around so fast. Anyway, here is how our week has gone.

Monday, we were all faced with the lovely heatwave which left us all hot, sticky, sweating, and to be honest kind of miserable. We were at work and we chose to send Baby bear to school. I trust the school to have kept Baby bear safe and he was more than happy to go and see his friends and teachers. We also chose to book him into after school club so we missed the hottest part of the day which also worked a treat. I was late leaving work and even at nearly 5 pm it was still very hot and uncomfortable. Once I got home it was way too hot to cook so we decided to head to a restaurant for dinner, which was very nice. We then headed to do a quick shop for the week before heading home to try and settle Baby bear down for the night. Needless to say, it was a rough night for everyone, we all really struggled to sleep as I guess everyone did.

Tuesday, was a hard day, functioning on a broken night’s sleep is never fun or easy but adding the head in as well and it was miserable. Once we were home we all spent the evening pretty much in front of the fans trying to keep cool. Luckily none of us wanted anything hot or major to eat so we just picked at cold bits from the fridge for dinner.

Wednesday, the temperature finally dropped enough for us to be comfortable which was amazing. Once we were home we spent the evening just spending some family time together before I headed to the office to do some end-of-term gift prep while Daddy bear put Baby bear to bed and had a bath to try and rest his back.

Thursday, once we were home I finished up Baby bears teacher end of gifts and my leaving/thank you gifts for the girls I worked with. It was strange not being at swimming but we made it though, Daddy bear then headed out for his game night while I finished the ironing before heading to bed early because of a banging headace.

Friday, last day of term for Baby bear in year 1 and my last day at work. It was an interesting day and there were defiantly a few tears saying bye to the children but onto the next chapter and it had to be done. We then celebrated taking the leap of faith by ordering a Kebab for dinner, cracking a bottle of wine open and watching a movie together.

Saturday, it was party day for L which was our day. We had the best time celebrating her birthday and spending time with friends, there were defiantly many laughs and it was needed to be honest after a kind of crappy few weeks it was nice to let my hair down and relax.

Sunday, today has been a crazy busy day, I woke up on a complete mission I wanted to get ontop of the hedges and front garden. I wasn’t stopping until I had done it so I’m very sore but all my hedges are back under control and looking amazing. Baby bears climbing frame area is completely wood chipped and my front garden is looking lovely again. I forgot how much I hate cutting the grass until I tackled the front garden today. I am now heading to have a play with my wedding bouquets to try and tick them off my wedding to do list.

Here is to our first week on the summer holidays, I don’t have much planned yet think we are going to play it by ear and see what we want to do each day. What do you all have planned for this week and the summer holidays with your little ones any ideas are welcome.