Hey lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. Hope your first week back at homeschooling wasn’t too bad. We slipped back into our routine better than I thought to be honest. However, it has been a week of taking steps towards our next chapter in our journey. Having hard discussions is never fun but sometimes they are a must.

We started off the week with Baby bear going back to online learning and good old Boris announcing an outline to get back to normal.. YAY. I know these are just rough dates but it defiantly helps to see the light at the end of the tunnel when we have a date to look forward to.

Tuesday is a bit of a blur if I’m being honest. I was so focused on our appointment Wednesday and holding it together at work I actually can’t remember much. And I wasn’t overly anxious or nervous for that appointment so you can imagine what I’m like for others. It was the same for Wednesday really. However, we did have a lovely call with V, B, and L which put a smile on all our faces. It was the first time we have seen L in a while and the first time she was fully awake. We even got a few smiles off her which was amazing and just makes us even more excited for when we can finally meet her (hopefully in the next few months, fingers crossed).

We then had our follow-up appointment with our fertility doctor which if you have read my post I have linked it for you to catch up. Which as usual mentally wiped me out but our hard discussion about taking steps needed to grow our family started. I will be doing a whole separate post on everything but I’m excited for what our future holds.

I had forgotten to book Thursday off so after giving myself a massive headache I headed to work while as hard as it was helped keep me busy and take my mind off it for a while. Thursday is Daddy bears game night so this also gave me the evening to 1. process everything that we were told the day before but also time to just be alone and sleep.

I had Friday off which gave me time to do some homeschooling with Baby bear as we had fallen a little behind with his work with everything else going on that week. We obviously try to keep up with it all but Daddy bear had a busy week at work and I was working 4/5 days of the week. I must admit I enjoyed our time together working on his learning. If I’m being honest I’m going to miss it a little when he goes back to school but he is so ready to be back with his friends and teachers.

With my mental health down the drain last week, being at work, and renovations the housework slipped. Not a huge amount, mainly the washing, toys, and bedrooms so Saturday I sent the day catching up and hitting the reset button ready for next week. It was exactly what I needed. We have been talking about taking steps to grow our family for a while but after our appointment, it put more of a time scale on it for us. So after baby bear had gone to bed we decided to reach out to a handful of adoption agencies to gather some more information and ask the handful of questions we had. I am lucky enough to have a few friends who have adopted so they have been amazing in answering my questions but there are a few we want to ask adoption agencies before taking steps forward.

Today has very much been a day of rest for us and it’s been amazing. Recharging ready for another busy week and our last week of homeschooling hopefully forever but who knows at this point.

I hope you have all day a lovely week and are ready for what is hopefully out last week homeschooling our little people. I also want to thank everyone who reached out this week to check I was okay after our appointment. You are all truly amazing and I’m so lucky to have such amazing followers x