Welcome back lovelies, it was a different kind of week with us getting over the chest infections and illness in the house to the car going in for something minor and it turning into a bigger job than thought. We also finally got to see some family and friends this weekend which was nice.

Monday, straight after dropping Baby bear off at school Sweet bear and I headed off on a little road trip to see M and R for the day and celebrate R’s birthday with him. It was a great day and we even enjoyed a delicious carvery with everyone before we spent the afternoon at their house before heading home back to the boys. Once we were home, I put both children to bed before heading out to the office to get ready for the launch of the shop on Wednesday.

Tuesday, it was an early start again for me as I had to drop the car back off at the garage to get some minor work done. Once I got home I run Baby bear and L to school before heading home to a day of housework catch-up as it slipped while I was poorly. Just after lunch, I got a call from the garage explaining there was major damage to the exhaust Manifold and it needed replacing so if it was okay for us they would get some quotes for the part and sort it for us. Of course, we said yes as without doing the work the car was undrivable really. It just left us with a hefty bill to pay. In between sorting all the car issues out I picked up Baby bear from school and brought him home to get ready for Scouts. Once the children were in bed I headed back to the office for you guessed it more prep work for the shop launch.

Wednesday, Sweet bear woke up in a horrible mood and after doing the school run she started to fall asleep so I put her back to bed. Which she needed as she then slept from 8.55 am to 12.20 pm this meant I was able to get the last final bits done and the post written and ready for launch later on. Once she woke up I sorted out some lunch and pottered around before picking Baby bear up. V agreed to take Baby bear to swimming lessons for us as we still had no car. While he was swimming, I finished doing some housework and preparing dinner before he got home. Once he was home it was dinner time before I bathed the children and put them to bed. It was then launch time. The shop is finally live, so don’t forget to head over, have a look and get your hands on some one-of-a-kind products.

Thursday, it was a slow kind of day, mainly consisting of playing with Sweet bear and housework. I did however have a nap with Sweet bear before it was time to pick Baby bear up from school. I then made everyone dinner before I headed out for a Zumba class. The first after a long time. I enjoyed Zumba classes each week before the Covid-19 lockdowns but didn’t get back to them after so I was very excited to get back to it. Once I was finished I got home so Daddy bear could go to his games night. I then packed up our bags ready to head to see family for the weekend if we got the car back in time. It was also World book day at school for Baby bear, and he decided he wanted to be Mr.Bump while creating his own costume he just needed help with the bruising. I think he looked very cool.

Friday, just after dropping Baby bear off at school the garage rang to say that the car was done and ready to be collected. So after heading out for breakfast with some friends we headed to pick the car up and drop it back at home for Daddy bear to see and get ready to leave. I then headed out to a play place called Little Louth for a playdate with K and E. The girls had lots of fun playing before we headed home to load up the car before picking Baby bear up and heading to Essex.

Saturday, we spent the day with Nan and grandad. I did pop out for a few hours to see my sibling in the hospital before heading back to nan and grandad for some dinner and a relaxing evening with them. It was lovely watching the children interact and play with my grandparents.

Sunday, was a slightly early start as I had to drop the children and Daddy bear off at my mother-in-law’s house before heading to see my best friend to try on a bridesmaid dress and have a quick catch-up. It was lovely seeing her we don’t get to see each other very often. Once I had finished I headed to meet everyone at my mother-in-law’s house where we spent the rest of the day and enjoyed a roast dinner before popping into my parent’s house for a couple of hours before heading home. We hit some traffic so got home later than planned which is why this is going up today instead of Sunday like usual.