Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. To help take my mind off things this week I decided it was time to start planning Baby bears birthday party. It is fast approaching and as you know I love planning events so I jumped in. Baby Bear has been asking for a while to have a party with his friends but only just recently told me he wanted a space-themed party, so of course, I run with it.

I hope everyone had a good bank holiday Monday, we spent the day with V and L. As simple as it was we loved spending time with them. We took Baby bear and L over to a park before quickly popping into Poundland to pick up some bits then treating the little ones to a Subway for lunch (yes I know it’s strange but they eat it better than McDonald’s so…). We then came back to ours to play and watch a film. V and I then left the children with Daddy bear to go and do the weekly shop in peace and have a wander around B&M before dinner.

Tuesday was then back to our normal program, with work and school. Not much happened Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Work was busy again so I was exhausted and if I’m being honest I couldn’t be bothered to do anything once I was home. I started to design Baby bears birthday Invites Thursday night and not banging my own drum but they look amazing, I love them.

Friday night, I decided to spend some time with my Cricut and putting together the end of my bridesmaid boxes and flower girl boxes ready to give them out to our girls in the next few weeks. It’s been a while since I have used my Cricut life has been so hectic. I finished Baby bears invited, printed and cut them, I also designed our love story timeline and cut it out of vinyl to transfer it onto a photo frame for the wedding. I will share all my wedding creations with you soon once I have finished planning them all out and creating them.

I was horribly awoken early hours of Saturday morning with the worst period cramps to the point I couldn’t get back to sleep even after painkillers. I then spent most of the day between the sofa with my heat mat and the toilet throwing up. I did however have to pop out to the hospital after finding a lump and having some pain in my boob. I will do a full post on what was going on and found out yesterday. However, I will say I am fine and it isn’t anything to worry about. So not only was I in a huge amount of pain with my period I then had the discomfort at the hospital. Daddy bear also went for his bike theory test and smashed it out of the park in the morning, so I’m super proud of him and super excited for him.

Today has been very much the same as yesterday in the sense of spending the day on the sofa with my heat mat or the toilet. Luckily I haven’t been sick since lunchtime but I still feel like utter poop and super nauseous. However, Daddy bear has been working super hard to replace our hallway ceiling and plaster some more of the hallway and stairs (he’s still plastering, it’s a big job for 1 person who isn’t a professional but it looks amazing). I was planning on deep cleaning the house today as I was mean to be working every day next week but that was a no-go today.

I hope you all have a good week ahead and I will see you Wednesday for a full account of what’s been going on. Thank you again for reading and keeping up with our story and life, it means a lot to me x