Welcome back lovelies, sorry there was no post last week, the sickness bug got me and wiped me out then just as I got back on my feet we had the busiest weekend we have had in a while. But I’m feeling so much better and back on my feet so I’m back. So I can now fill you in on our week and I will be posting last week’s post tomorrow.

Monday, Daddy bear traveled to our friend’s house late Sunday night to help them which left me solo parenting for a few days. That didn’t change it being rest day so after dropping Baby bear off at school I headed home to write my weekly to-do list before cracking down and working my way through the list. Baby bear also stays late at school on Mondays so that gave me extra time to get bits done before he came home. Once we were home we sat down to do some homework before dinner, relax and bed. I also got to have a lovely chat with a special lady which meant a lot. I then decided to run myself a bath and have some me time before climbing into my cold lonely bed.

Tuesday, after a rough night’s sleep I took Baby bear to school before heading home to do a little more housework before I sat down to do some work on here the blog. I am so close to being launch ready and it’s so exciting but hard work. I started to feel unwell so decided to have a quick laydown before having to pick Baby bear up from school. Once we were home it was some more homework before dinner, a movie, and bed. It was an early night for us both as I was just flat-out exhausted.

Wednesday, by the time I got home from the school run I was feeling truly terrible so after turning my laptop on to try and get some bits done unsuccessfully, I turned it off again and took myself back to bed. Thanks to V for helping with the school pick-up and dropping Baby bear home so I didn’t have to go out the house again. Daddy bear ordered us Dominos for dinner which we enjoyed in bed watching some TV. Baby bear was such a good boy and sat watching TV while I rested. I put him to bed before climbing back into bed to sleep while Daddy bear made his way home.

Thursday, I spent the day in bed rest and trying to recover ready for our busy weekend starting on Friday. Daddy bear did the morning school run and M picked him up and brought him home which I am so grateful for. He came straight in from school and came and cuddled up in bed with me to watch some TV until Daddy bear had finished work. The boys then made us dinner before they played downstairs while I slept whatever bug I had off.

Friday, thankfully I woke up feeling a little better not 100% but defiantly better. This meant I was able to get the end of the housework done before we had an afternoon of visits. Once Daddy bear had finished work we took a trip to Mcdonald’s for dinner with some special people. Once we had said our goodbyes apparently I took myself to bed. I don’t remember doing that but Daddy bear said he come o check I was okay as he couldn’t find me and found me curled up in bed at 8.15. That’s where I then spent the rest of the night.

This did mean on Saturday, I felt very well rested and was up before both boys. So I used the time to put a load of washing on and get dressed before L arrived for a day with us and a sleepover while V and C had a day out for V’s birthday. The children had a good day playing together and enjoying each other’s company. Daddy bear finished up the concrete for the drive before we all sat down for some dinner. I then took some time to myself upstairs to read some of my book before it was the children’s bedtime. Once they were in bed I tidied up from dinner and the day before I headed up to read some more of my book before Daddy bear and I cuddled up in bed with some TV before going to sleep.

Sunday, was our usual early start. We dropped L back home and made our way to see our special girl and people. After another amazing day with them, we headed home to put Baby bear to bed before helping Daddy bear pack up the car again. He then left to head back to our friend’s house for a couple of days again to help out. So here is to another few days of solo parenting.