Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. We had a good but busy week ending with my parents here again. I tried to make sure I spent as much time with Baby bear before getting back to normality this week so here is what we got up to.

On Monday, we spent the day at home playing with toys, doing a puzzle and well just relaxing at home. We then had L come over for a sleepover. It’s been a while since she had a sleepover so it was lovely having some time with her again. I also decided I wanted to spend the day with Baby bear on Tuesday so made plans with a friend and her little ones to go out.

Tuesday we got up, dressed, and headed out to met our friends M, E-M, and A. We took a bus ride into Skegness for a day out to Skegness Aquarium. It was lovely spending the day with friends, Baby bear loved seeing his favourite fish ‘Nudge’ as well as the new dinosaur attraction they have there now. While we were out I also went and got Baby bears new school plimsoles before getting lunch with everyone. We then made our way home and back to our house so the children could play some more together and I got baby cuddles which are always nice.

Wednesday we then met up with some of our friends from school in the village to do a fairy hunt. Baby bear had lots of fun arguing with his friends in between finding the fairy doors and seeing his friends (I’m not going to lie he was a pain the whole time we were out). Baby bear then went for a playdate and dinner at one of his best friends house while I got on with some housework and shopping for a date night with Daddy bear.

Thursday I had a workday so I was gone most of the day while Baby bear and Daddy bear had a boys day.

Daddy bear had his bike test Friday so while he was out I got some housework done and Baby bear ready for school Monday. Once Daddy bear was home with his pass (Well done babe, I’m proud of you) we enjoyed a cheeky KFC before Daddy bear headed out to a game night at Ninja Mitton Gaming Cafe. My parents then arrived here again for a weekend of fun.

Saturday we spent the day at a bike show in the village, which I must admit the boys enjoyed more than me and mum but it was good nevertheless. In the evening we then went on a really nice walk before bed and that’s all we really did.

Sunday was amazing though, Daddy bear, my dad and Baby bear all headed into Peterborough with my father-in-law for a bike show there while I and mum headed into Peterborough for some shopping and quality time together. We got some nice bits while shopping before we went for a pub lunch then Glo Golf which I highly recommend if you are in the area it was so much fun.

So here is to the week ahead, going back to school and getting back to normality. Hope you had a good week and here’s to the week ahead.