Welcome back lovelies, well it’s been a scary week here in the bear family. Having to call an ambulance for your child is something no parent wants to do but it’s something we had to do this week.

Monday, was our usual day. I unloaded the car and unpacked from our weekend away to see family and friends. Sweet bear and I did the weekly food shop and picked Baby bear up from after school club. The usual, however, after I sorted everyone out their dinner I headed out to another Zumba class but with the lady, I use to dance with before Covid. It was so good to be back and it was defiantly nice having a couple of hours to myself and feeling like myself. Once I was home I had a shower before heading to bed for an earlier night.

Tuesday, I did the school run on my own as Sweet bear was still asleep when I left. Once I was home I got sweet bear up and gave her breakfast and a bath to start our day. I finished unpacking and catching up on some more washing. Once Baby bear was home we got ready for Scouts. Once the children were in bed Daddy bear and I had a big conversation about the next steps in life and some big choices.

Wednesday, I decided I needed to get out of the house so headed to playgroup with Sweet bear after dropping Baby bear off at school. We even took V along with us, it has been a long time since we were at a playgroup together. Of course, on our way there it decided to stop snowing but we haven’t been lucky enough for any of it to settle. It was swimming night so after the afternoon school run, I got both children ready to leave. Baby bear has started at a new pool and it was my first time going there. It is good and so much closer which is handy. Once we were home I headed out for a walk to try and clear my head. Just before Baby bear went to bed he complained of a sore throat which we thought nothing of (this leads into the next few days).

Thursday, this is when the fun began. Early hours of the morning Baby bear decided to wake up with projectile vomiting. So after cleaning him up and sorting him out we settled in for a long night with him. He was off school so I left him asleep in our bed where he stayed asleep until he woke up throwing up again at lunchtime. He then went back to sleep until I went and woke him up at 4 to try and get him to eat which didn’t work. I then checked on him again at 5.30 to offer him something to eat again and that’s when I noticed the rash on the side of his face. It looked like a meningitis rash so after a quick call to my mum for a second option and the glass test I loaded him into the car and took him to Urgent Care to be checked over. They didn’t really look him over, the rash was spreading quickly but they ignored it and said he has tonsillitis, gave him antibiotics, and sent us home ignoring my arguments against the diagnosis. Once we were home I gave him a dose of the antibiotics before cuddling down in our bed with him for some cuddles. However, within 20 minutes he was complaining his chest hurt and breathing was hard. I decided to ring 111 for some more advice they out him as an urgent call back which I didn’t get. However, half an hour after that call he was getting worse so I rang 999 for an ambulance. They stayed on the phone as he wasn’t very responsive at this point. A lives person arrived to check him over as they had canceled the ambulance as there was a 6-hour delay and asked for us to drive him. (Even though an ambulance arrived 5 minutes after I left with him). Once we were at the hospital they rushed us through as they were concerned about the rash too. After some tests and observations, they concluded that he did have tonsillitis but he also had strep A and scarlet fever. This is why he had the rash that was fast spreading, but also why he had issues with his breathing after the antibiotics as you can’t take the ones he had with Strep A. After a long few hours, we were allowed home.

Friday, Daddy bear had the day off work thank goodness as he was able to get up with Sweet bear and sort her so I was able to catch up on some sleep after our late night at the hospital. Sweet bear spent all day in bed not doing anything mainly sleeping. I helped Daddy bear start the carport roofing so we decided to treat ourselves to fish and chips for dinner. While Daddy bear was out getting it I received one of the worst phone calls ever. My nan was in hospital in rhesus and it wasn’t looking good. The rest of the evening was a blur, in between packing a grab bag in case I needed to head to Essex, looking after a sick child who only wanted his mum, and updating phone calls. It’s not very often I regret moving away but this was defiantly one of the times I hugely regretted it. She started to show improvement so I made the hard decision to stay at home as Baby bear still needed me here.

Saturday, Baby bear seemed to perk up a bit today which was nice to see. He still wasn’t right at all and wanted to rest a lot but it was nice seeing him finally eating and moving around a little. Daddy bear spent the day doing some more of the roofing while I sorted the children inside. I also got to speak to nan which was nice to hear her voice and defiantly a reassurance, she isn’t out of the woods at all but it was nice to hear her voice. As Baby bear was starting to get better of course that meant that Sweet bear started to decline. Because the children at unwell at the moment, Daddy bear headed to the shop to do the weekly shopping for me so I don’t have to worry about taking a poorly child on Monday.

Sunday, after a very rough night with Sweet bear leading into a rough day with her I hadn’t been able to do much. Baby bear was feeling better though and even spent a whole hour outside playing with Daddy bear which was nice to see. Daddy bear then made us all dinner before I bathed Sweet bear and put her to bed before having some time to do my nails before resetting the living room, writing this post, and cleaning the kitchen. Sweet bear is still having a rough time so here is to another long night.